Chinese Coins Finished

This quilt top was finished a few weeks ago, but I finally got it quilted and bound.


Not too bad for a bunch of leftovers.


I think the back is perfect.  This piece of large polka dots sat around for a long time.  And, lucky me, there is more of it.  You’ll see it again on baby quilts in the future–colorful and happy!


You can tell I recently finished a large project and am on break from teaching.  A backlog of delayed or partially finished projects is breaking loose and racing towards finishes. Look for more coming soon.

ps–No  tutorial but a few construction notes.  The colored strips started 3″ wide and 33-ish inches long.  The sashing was 2″ wide.  The pieces on the end were the same.  So, the quilt finishes at approximately 34″ x 36″.

7 thoughts on “Chinese Coins Finished

  1. I’ve never made an actual Chinese Coins quilt like this one, and now I’m wondering why! I love scrap quilts, and it’s such an easy and great pattern. I’m glad you reminded me of it! Thanks, and Merry Christmas 🎄

  2. Am i correct in assuming that all the ” coins ” are NOT the same size? So me seem to be wider than others? what a great, beautiful way to use scraps and not to have to worry about matching seams. My kind of piecing!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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