Big Boy Tool Belt

Grandson Luke is 2-1/2 and needs a tool belt.  Dad and Mom are providing the tools and asked that I provide the carrying device.


I was looking for authentic, sturdy and adjustable and was lucky to find THIS TUTORIAL  for a Big Boy Tool Belt.  Thank you to Christina of Two Little Hooligans for the specific and accurate directions.


You can tell that I am busy, but I am not frantic.  It is a pleasure to have time and space to create for the people I love.

5 thoughts on “Big Boy Tool Belt

  1. Not sure how to get in touch with you but this seems to be it. If you will do a Facebook search for Yellow House Quilts, Port Byron, NY, you will see a quilt I made using your design Film at Five as a starting point. This is the FB page of my machine quilter, Mandy Applebee. As soon as I saw your design about a year ago, I knew it would be perfect for a young photographer/cinematographer who is my daughter-in-law’s nephew but instead of all the tiny pieces I decided to make it of squares of film-related fabrics and using black and white for the sashing to recall old-time films and be very personal for the young recipient. I spent many an hour on the internet searching out all those fabrics and I wish the photos showed what they are a little better….everything from The Wizard of OZ and Gone With the Wind to film noir, mullticolor theater tickets, 35mm film canisters, movie monsters, cats eating popcorn in theatre seats, etc. The border fabric shows all the various genres of films in bright colors on a black background and was a perfect find for this project. You can read my comment about making the quilt as part of Yellow House Quilts’ posting. I thank you for inspiring me to make this quilt. A memorable project for both the recipient and me. Elaine Rubenau – Baldwinsville, NY and Bradenton, FL in the winter

  2. Wishing I had little boys here……ummm…great nephews….yes! Need to make 2 for when I see them in Melbourne in March after Nan (my sister Jane) and I finish our cruise to Tasmania. Thanks for the link.

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