Big Girl Handbag (AKA Cracker Carrier)

Granddaughter Vera needed something to carry things, too, since brother has a tool belt.  They are 2-1/2 years old and, honestly, these will probably contain crackers more than anything else.

So, here is her very fashionable cracker carrier.


It is loosely based on THIS TUTORIAL.


I wish the handle were just  a little longer.  The pattern called for 12″.  I made it 14″.  It would be even better at 16″.


But, that said, I am really happy with this big girl handbag and hope it carries many crackers for a happy child.

3 thoughts on “Big Girl Handbag (AKA Cracker Carrier)

  1. Too funny! I remember that cracker stage. =) This is adorable, and it might carry secret notes, too. I remember that’s what my sister carried everywhere and she was inconsolable when our aunt threw out all her torn up pieces of paper. LOL

  2. Vera will love this. I think I may just have to copy you. I know 3 little ones that would love one too. Thanks for the inspiration.

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