Temecula Twelve Days of Christmas, Modified

Temecula Quilt Company featured a Twelve Days of Christmas quilt during December.  I stitched along, modified.  Two of the blocks, Days 7 and 12, didn’t really appeal to me.  Also, I made either 2 or 4 of the other blocks and added log cabin blocks because, well, they are log cabin blocks.


I ended up with 36 blocks and, with narrow sashing and borders added, the top finishes at 22″ square.

How to quilt it?  No ideas.  Do you have suggestions?

What to do with it?  Also, no ideas.  Doll bed quilt, maybe?

6 thoughts on “Temecula Twelve Days of Christmas, Modified

  1. Good Morning! LOVE this little quilt!! I’d say Stippling..one: its my fave lol and 2: with all the different blocks and patterns, why take away from all of that! Stippling will off set this beautifully!! It would make a very nice Doll quilt! Or a large pretty pillow 🙂 My 5 yr old grand daughter just asked if I was making that for her new baby..with a gasp she said “That’s just sooo beautiful” Guess that would be my answer…A baby doll quilt 🙂

  2. The blocks, then , are about 3 x 3? Tiny! I agree. Every self respecting dolly needs several quilts. The bind I get into with a quilt like that is that I don’t want dark thread on light or light thread on dark, but I also don’t like all the thread breaks involved in quilting individual blocks. But small as it is, maybe just quilt the sashing and cornerstones with rows of circles or swirls.

  3. I’m not good with small quilts – making or quilting! Yours is lovely, and I know you will think of something that makes it even more beautiful.

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