Final Countdown Day One

It is day one of the Final Countdown annually sponsored by Prairie Moon Quilts.  The idea is to “out with the old and in with the new” in your sewing space.  All of us lose control of certain aspects of creative organization.

Today’s challenge was to CLEAR OFF ONE FLAT SURFACE.  This one was not too hard for me.  I am not a “visual organizer.”  Once I use something it is usually put away.  But there is that dresser.

This dresser was purchased used by my parents for my nursery.  That was many years ago.  It has been through a lot and is nearly falling apart, but it is my primary storage center for notions–thread, trims, buttons, etc. And the top is where I keep my music and a few other things.


OK, right now QUITE A FEW other things.

But, a little cleaning and sorting and the space is as good as new.

I even pulled the dresser out from the wall and cleaned under and behind it, but I didn’t dare take pictures.  It had been a while (quite a while) and fabric generates dust.  And there were spiders.


So, here is my after.  And now I want to go sew something.  See you back here tomorrow with the day 2 challenge.  I wonder what she’ll have for us then?

4 thoughts on “Final Countdown Day One

  1. Congratulations! The first week of January is the time I’ve chosen to clean my entire house and sort everything – or might take two weeks. LOL

  2. Wow! that challenge is all yours. Every time I try to clean up I just have to sew something using the fabrics or scraps that are laying about. Pointless to put them away I say to myself. Good on you though and really if I did just aim for one thing at a time I might get it (messy sewing room) straightened out. I could always make that a New Years resolution….put away when finished with……but I know that wouldn’t last more than a week. I will try to be strong…I will be strong……I will stop deluding myself. Can’t wait to see what you get done tomorrow.

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