Final Countdown Day Two

Back to that dresser.  Yesterday I did  the top of the dresser.  Today I did two drawers that hold mostly thread.


Sorting things is not really a chore for me.  First of all, fabric and thread and buttons and all the things I get to sort are pretty.


Second, sorting gives me a chance to plan new projects.

**Insert lots of bagging, note taking, hand rubbing and chuckling here.  Very hard to do all that and take pictures, too.**

Finally, sorting makes me grateful.  How many people are so abundantly blessed?  How many people get to do what they want as often as I?  I am blessed/spoiled beyond my desserts.


And, at the end of it all, I have two much more orderly drawers and plans for the future.  Thanks to Shelley for the Final Countdown challenge.  It is a satisfying way to end one year and look forward to the next.  Waiting for tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “Final Countdown Day Two

  1. What an amazing lot of thread you have! You are blessed, but you use your blessings to create so much good for others. Righteous desires of the heart, Deanna.

  2. Nice organizing! I have a lot of thread too! I’m greatful everytime I reorganizing my stuff. I always find more than I think I have after I round up all the supplies.
    I am always delighted to see that you don’t have to have the latest and greatest of Supplies to make the most beautiful things.

  3. Hey I redid my bobbin box today. I went to get a bobbin and had to cut the clump of thread before I could even find the bobbin I wanted. I think they try to mate when I’m not sewing. HMMM? So I did get something organized. And I sewed 4 rows of the baby quilt I’m doing. Yeah me!

  4. I’m cleaning out from under my pressing table. Hoping to find a backing I’m missing. Instead, I’ve found 2 more undocumented UFOs. LOL I also found some quilts I forgot I put under there. Guess I will put them with the rest of the quilts waiting to be used or their time to be gifted.

  5. Now, threads and bobbins are one of the things that I do always keep tidy. I hate the wastage if it gets all tangled. My rulers and cutters are also kept tidy so I can lay my hands on them when needed. No hunting around my table when the creative urge strikes. I too have those little white baskets to store mine.

  6. I will have to do some sorting today. I have a spice rack with a door that closes hanging in my sewing room. It holds thread. Had it since I was a new bride but don’t need it for spices anymore. Thank you for the ideas!

  7. I love your thoughts on ‘sorting’. I enjoy it, too. My six year old daughter is helping me with the challenge this year, and it’s been fun, and we’ve got alot done!

  8. I like you have tons of thread. Years ago I brought home an old wooden tool and die box (one my FIL made) that has wide and somewhat short drawers in it. Granted not everyone can find one of these but the idea of
    what you have works the same here. Instead of inserting containers into the drawers, I sort colors as you have done. Then just like you find at the fabric store, place them sideways so you can see the colors, plus any repeats stack on top. The drawers as I’ve said aren’t very tall, but they work great for thread. And although there are no dividers, they seem to keep well sorted (mostly cause there are so many spools). I actually have two of these drawers. It’s wonderful to be able to open the drawers and see what I have and don’t have color wise b/4 I start a project.

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