Final Countdown Day Three

Shelley was tricky today.  She didn’t just ask us to work; she asked us to think!  The challenge is this:

Pick a new habit to start (and keep)

I have been thinking for a while now that I wanted to organize my design work better.

Right now my “Ideas” file looks like this.


Innocent enough on the outside, but when you open it, it explodes into something that looks more like this.


When I think of an idea I try really hard to write it down right away.  That is a good habit I started a few years ago.  However, the sketches are usually on 1/4 sheets of paper and get lost, set aside or shoved into this folder.  I wanted a way to keep them organized.

Ta-dah!  Look what I found!


Not too exciting, you think?!  Wait until you see what is inside.


One side is graph paper and the other side lined!  I can sketch out ideas, check dimensions and make notes.  It is exactly what I hoped for.  Better than I hoped for, really.  Graph paper included and spiral bound is terrific.  The spiral bound leaves extra room so it won’t be a problem if I tape in my first sketch.

It is so thrilling to have a place to keep things.  You know that old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” only works when there IS a place.  Now there is one.  Hopefully this will spark more creativity and support my best ideas.


Oh, look!  It might be working already.  One small sketch has found a beginning place here.

Wow!  Along the way I also sorted and disposed of a lot of papers and some truly astonishing dust bunnies from under the washing machine.

Now, along with general family stuff, I want to tackle my end of the year goals.  If life goes my way, I will have three finishes before midnight.  Unlikely?  Well, of course, but I might as well try.

Talk to you later!

9 thoughts on “Final Countdown Day Three

  1. Ooh, I love a fresh clean notebook — I have this horrible wonderful office- and school-supply fetish. My office is littered with blank notebooks I thought I had to have — I should never run out when one gets full! I buy graph paper by the bundles — it’s so handy! You will love your new system.

  2. That notebook is perfect for a quilting journal. I want one too! Plus a couple extra for a few quilting friends! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your notebook. Perfect for so many things one wants to keep track of! You have done so well with this countdown! I’m thinking you can finish three by midnight! After all, you still have 7 or 8 hours. =)

  4. Love your idea. I have 2 files that look like that. All from when I taught quilting back in Florida for 5th grade and up. Maybe I’ll do that soon. I am going to take my sewing room apart. Yes every last thread, needle and furniture. It is only 8×10 and it is way too crowded. First thing to go in will be my machines I use all the time. Next will be only started quilts. 17 to be precise. All other fabric will go into visual bins on wheels. I have way too much in my tiny sewing room. I will send you a picture when done. Will take me a week or so. But I am determined to get it done so I can breath in there.

  5. Please tell, please, where the book. With all the school supply stuff out at the moment here, I must keep my eye out. Maybe a trip to Office Works tomorrow will be on my agenda. Just a perfect book for sketches and notes.
    I throw a lot of my sketches out because I can never remember where I was going with it. What fabrics, what size etc. etc. Great book is all I can say.

  6. years ago I got one of those notebooks at a dollar store and thought I would find something I could use it for…I decided after I got home and looked at it that it is just what I needed and went back for some more of them for gifts for quilting friends but alas they no longer had them as happens with items at dollar stores..the brand of the one I have is Gold Fibre Ampad Wirebound Notebook…made in USA it says…I put all that down as that is how it is written on the cover…mine is 9 1/2 x 6 inches, 90 sheets, No. 20-832…also on the front cover..everywhere I go I look for them but cannot find them and I get to that particular dollar store (can’t think of the name of it but it is a true dollar store in Birch Run, MI) I check again… I think Deanna’s is larger..looks more regular notebook size…I wish everybody luck finding them…

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