Final Three FINISHED! Happy New Year!

I had three projects lined up as an end of the year goal.  And, they are finished before 2015 is upon me.


First, binding the Super Stars quilt.  This isn’t a great picture, but the binding is stitched down, and it is truly a quilt.  Barbara did a great job on the quilting, and I am so pleased to have it as a final quilt for 2014.


Second, while doing the Final Countdown with Shelley, I found some pieces of wool felt that were just the right size for…Needle Books.  This is one of the first tutorials I developed and I couldn’t resist revisiting it.  The fabric is scraps from my small box of vintage/antique fabric and four little needle books now rest snug in my gift drawer.


Finally, it was time to make slippers again.  Husband said something like “those are more holes than slippers” the other day, so I got out a piece of fleece (also dug out during cleaning this week) and stitched some new ones up, again from THIS TUTORIAL.


So, I have met my goal and am heading into 2015 feeling motivated and successful.  A Happy New Year to you all!

5 thoughts on “Final Three FINISHED! Happy New Year!

  1. You have way more patience than I do for sewing things that aren’t quilts. Needlebooks I can handle, but slippers? I can’t imagine ever sewing them, though those look wonderfully soft and comfortable and WARM! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations. Super Stars quilt is beautiful. Mine has been on our bed since I finished it. My camera broke not long after I had taken lots of photos and It took me ages to Get another, but in the meantime I have misplaced the card. It must turn up somewhere, somehow. It is really disappointing.
    I love those vintage/antique fabric needle cases. Love the slippers too, blue, my favourite colour. I’ll definitely give those a try this coming winter.
    Happy New Year to you. Health and happiness to you and yours.

  3. I love the star quilt..another one I have started—all cut and half sewn so I will have to get that out where I can see it and get it finished…I just have too many things started….I wish I had the will power not to start new things til old things are finished but I just can’t help myself..i love the needle cases and the are so talented…

  4. Yeah you!! I am finished with Shelly’s challenge also. Love that girl. She inspires me as well as you do. When you get up there in years it becomes hard to find new things to do. I just put together my 2nd rag quilt, crib size. Love them. So easy. Got 8 more to go. Can easily do 1 a day. In about 4 hours. After I get done with them I will wash and dry them. Can’t wait to see the finished products. Some I’ll keep and some will go to the Barbara Bush children’s hospital here in Portland. Finally found a use for all that flannel I have.

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