2014 Wrap Up

Here is a final report of my 2014 Top Twelve-ish List:

1. Academy Square:  Didn’t touch it.  I will in 2015


3. Memory quilts–all 17 of them  FINISHED 12/14/2014 

4. Starring Baby FINISHED 1/2/2014

5. Growing Up Odd top finished 3/23/2014 

6. Oh My Stars (only needs borders…) FINISHED 7/22/2014

7. BOM scraps into a lap quilt SET FINISHED AND DONATED  8/16/2014, earned $2014. 

8. YCC Quilt:  This turned out to be the BOM quilt above.  I just knew I wanted to make and donate one to the shelter.  It turned out to be the one above.

9. Mixed Blessings:  Still just an idea.  We’ll see what happens here.

10. Twinkle Baby Quilt top finished 2/1/2014 

11. Storm at Sea:  Still just an idea.  Not touched.  Probably just set aside until I am ready.

12. Bill’s quilt:  Idea changed.  Had a piece sort of started, but changed.  And that idea is just an idea.  Probably set aside until I am ready.  Need more grey/black fabric.

added later…

13. Calico Rose:  Nearly a top.  I will finish in 2015

14. Build-A-Baby Quilt FINISHED 7/19/2014 

15. Spool Shuffle top finished 9/27/2014

16. Window Box FINISHED 11/30/2014

17. Stutter Steps FINISHED 12/30/2014

5 thoughts on “2014 Wrap Up

  1. I love how you have gone back and listed everything you’ve done for the year. What a beautiful way to put away the old and bring in the new! Great job in getting so much done.

  2. Great year of accomplishments! I’m going to try and keep track of all my projects this year, its a great idea 🙂 Wishing you all the very best in the New Year ❤

  3. I am truly proud of you. I tried to get my list done but life interrupted. AGAIN!! But I will try to finish this year the things I couldn’t this past year, as well as a few new ones. I did get about 4 done, so I did do something.

  4. Congratulations! You make me feel exhausted. I failed miserably with my 2014 intentions. Maybe this year will be better for my endeavours. I am working on stutter steps now.

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