Final Report for the 350 Blocks Project 2014

It is time for the final accounting of the Blocks Project 2014.  My final total is 369.  I am really glad I kept track this year, or I might have said I did very little.  It is less than last year, but, all things considered, I am pleased to be here and be able to say I enjoyed my sewing all year long.

When people ask why I sew, the answers vary.  But, mostly, I sew because I enjoy it.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a pleasure, not a competition.  By trying hard to focus on my blessings and on stitching joyfully (don’t laugh, I know it sounds silly) I enjoy what I do and what I create much more.

Thanks to you all for sharing the year with me.  Here’s to 2015!

  • 2014PM

    January: 33
    February: 12
    March: 15
    April: 16
    May: 31
    June: 42
    July: 28
    August: 46
    September: 32
    October: 45
    November: 4
    December: 66
    TOTAL: 369

5 thoughts on “Final Report for the 350 Blocks Project 2014

  1. It does NOT sound silly! I know almost all of those blocks went into projects to make someone else’s life better. That is joy indeed. Congratulations on meeting the 350 goal and MORE! It was a hard year, but I have a feeling 2015 is going to be so much better.

  2. Congratulations. I enjoyed you’d emails so much this year and look forward to 2015 with you. Keep going. Happy New Year.

  3. If you are silly, I am sillier. My sentiments exactly. Maybe I will keep a better track of my projects this year. You truly inspire me.

  4. it does make me wish I had counted the blocks I did…in 2015 I will try to remember to do that…not to be competing but just out of curiosity…you did good!!!! I actually have nothing here to show for all my sewing either..i think that is what makes it a joy to sew!!! Happy new year everybody!!!

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