52 In 2015

Two years ago, Daughter had life-saving heart surgery.  Since that time she has frequently expressed the desire to give back in some way.  Recently, she and I have discussed various ideas and have finally landed on this one:

52 In 2015.

During 2015, Daughter and I plan to make 52 baby quilts.  Some will be given to friends and family who are having babies.  Some might be sold (Daughter sells quilts to help finance college).  But, whatever is left, and it will probably be around 40, will be delivered to the children’s hospital where she had surgery.  They can always use quilts there.

If you look at the top of this page you will see a new tab:  52 In 2015.  Each finished quilt will be posted there so you can keep track, and we can, too, of our running total.

We did finish a few through the holidays and thought it no dishonor to get a head start.


So, this quilt makes 5 so far.  It is just 144 3-1/2″ squares.  Finishes at 36″.


Simple.  Scrappy. Cheerful.

I like that in a quilt.


Somewhere there is a baby who will like it, too.

17 thoughts on “52 In 2015

  1. How wonderful to give back! My goal this year is to make 12 quilts for local charity… CPS and APS … In addition to my other designated recipient quilts. I also make 2 quilts each year for fund raisers for our Family Reunion expenses…

  2. Beautiful baby quilt! You and your daughter will succeed in your quilt journey. I always enjoy your posts, but rarely comment. You have given me a “boost” to get busy and make some of the charity quilts I need to start. Happy New Year and God Bless you both, and have a wonderful 2015!

  3. What a wonderful thing for you two to do. The hospital is sure to appreciate the quilts. That one is a stunner.

    1. I have no longarm machine. Sparkle Jane and I quilt small quilts only on my grandmother’s Pfaff 130–one of the old black machines. It has a small throat, so large ones are very difficult, but we can manage simple designs on small quilts.

      It is a hefty goal, but we like to think big, even when we quilt small.

  4. I love that idea!!!! and I love that quilt…of course I love any color as long as it is yellow and I see yellow—just like the sun!!! what a cheerful baby quilt..i will sure keep up with you two on your new tab…you do so many good works…you are blessed!!!!

  5. What a wonderful and caring idea! Babies every where would love that quilt, Beautiful job!! I would love to make baby quilts to donate, will have to check into something local Cant wait to follow along and see all the different quilts you both sew up 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. What a wonderful way to pay back. Babies love bright colors. They investigate each one. It can keep them busy for hours. Love the color combo. We have a Children’s hospital about 45 minutes from us in Portland, Maine. I think I will approach my guild on doing something like this. If each person did 1 quilt that would add up to about 20. HMMM, food for thought.

  7. That is an incredible goal! Your daughter sounds like an amazing young woman. I’m excited to see your progress throughout the year. Will you guys be able to drop off the quilts in person?

  8. 52 in a year? I wish you good luck! I am sure you can do it! I plan to do similar…not specific number, but I am hoping to sell some of mine…just to recoop expense of making it if nothing else! I give away most of my quilts..just last year started one for myself for the first time! Now to finish it this year! But everything else, gets given. Good luck on your goal!

  9. I have about 100 four patch blocks. They are made with white and various colored 2.5 inch charms. I would be happy to send them to Sparkle Jane if she could use them for her project.

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