RECYCLE: Feed Sacks To Grocery Bags

As we have chickens, wild birds and a cat, we purchase animal feed in bulk.  The sack the feed comes in is a sort of woven plastic fabric.  Very sturdy.


What could I use them for?  It seems a shame to just throw them away.


So, I decided to try for a grocery bag.  Using a technique similar to the tutorial HERE, we now have this cheerful item.  We even have a buff orpington hen so I can say it is a picture of one of my animals.  🙂

I am stopping at one for now, because I want to try it out and see if any changes are needed.  Then I will probably make more.  I have the feed sacks,  and it didn’t take long.

Two more days before Christmas holiday ends.  While I love my job, it has been a pleasure to have time with family (and fabric).  Creating memories (and useful objects)  is what holidays are all about around here.

Happy New Year!

16 thoughts on “RECYCLE: Feed Sacks To Grocery Bags

  1. Great idea!! Smart to think of that recycling idea, let us know how it works!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation ❤

  2. Just make sure you wash the inside before you sew it. These grains can hold some un-nice things. Been making these since 2012 for grocery bags and also for craft bags. My favorite one is my hog bag. I also use my daughter’s bird food bags and dog and cat. Make sure of the insides there are a lot out there that are not suitable for use like that.

  3. What a great idea – I am always into recycling things but never see anything like this to resew. All the best for your ’52 In 2015′

  4. I received a bag like this as a gift. When I took it to the grocery store, the bar code scanned and really confused the cashier.

  5. very neat…one of the clerks at walmart asked me last fall had I ever made any and I had not heard of them…she makes them…but I bet they aren’t as neat as yours….love that chicken..i hope they work good…

  6. Awesome! I’d been saving/donating mine for making sandbags but think I’ll make a few of these for my yarn stash!

  7. Such a clever girl you are !!! I buy dog food in 52 lbs. bags monthly. I think I will be making shopping bags. Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

  8. Funny I should just read this post…. Friday i made a couple of bags from two leftover rice bags. They are also made from the plastic woven pieces.
    Although I had left over webbing straps to make handles out of. (I had recycled these from a former bag I had made which wore out.)

  9. Very cute, love. I get these big bags (30# bags with sliding closures, similar to storage Baggies). I used one, after washing out the filmy remains of dry cat food, I used it to store a blanket during the summer. Kept the blanket clean & dry till needed in Nov. What else could I do with them, any suggestions would be appreciated? Email :

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