REFASHION: Men’s Shirt To Springy Play Dress

This was a beautiful men’s shirt–except a three-corner tear on the back shoulder.  And, really, for my men it was too small.  And too…well…too the way it is–the embroidery.  And the stripes.  And the colors.


But, it looked like it could be something pretty cute.

So I recut and trimmed and stitched and created this….


Springy Play Dress. With accompanying skirt for the baby doll.

I am mailing it to granddaughter for a fit check.  If it works, or can work with alterations, there are  two more shirts begging to be made into something similar!

17 thoughts on “REFASHION: Men’s Shirt To Springy Play Dress

  1. I love the fact that you made a doll skirt to go with. The dress rurned out cute and I won’t be surprised if your granddaughter says yes please to more. I’m sure mine would.

  2. I know this is a plain dress and looks easy to make, but any chance of a tutorial or pattern to cut out? Great job anyway 🙂

  3. That is so cute. You are so talented. I am envieous of you, especially since
    I can’t spell envieous! I think another way for the sleeves, would be, maybe
    just a bit longer, and gather the bottom of the short sleeve and put a band at the bottom of it to bring it in smaller. You could possibly make the band from
    the cuff of the long sleeve or sew narrow elastic on them and a little lace.
    You have “so many irons in the fire ” all the time, I am amazed. I enjoy your Blog. Esther Hart

  4. So cute, reminds me of the dresses my grandmother used to make me as a little girl, usually from leftovers making a dress for my mom- mother/daughter dresses!

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