Five Hundred Pieces–In The Border

It may not look like much is happening here.  But things are happening…slowly.  Partially because I have relatively little sewing time while school is in session and partially because my main project has borders.  And those borders have pieces.  Lots of pieces.  Lots of little pieces.  In fact, about 500 little pieces.


I am probably crazy, but it felt right, so I dived in.  This project is known as the Calico Rose quilt and I have been stitching away on it for over a year…on and off.  More off than on, really, but it will be finished soon.  The inner borders are on; they are plain.  The middle border is just over half assembled and one side is attached.  Then there is just a plain outer border and, with any luck, I will call this top DONE.

There is a baby quilt for the 52 in 2015 project also in the works.  Over the past two weeks this pile…


Has turned into this.


I hope to have the top finished by the end of the weekend.

More updates coming soon!

13 thoughts on “Five Hundred Pieces–In The Border

  1. Oh, that’s the butterfly fabric I just used a couple of weeks ago! Love it! That’s going to be a great quilt. I can hardly wait to see Calico Rose with borders! Were your ears burning? Mary and I were talking about you. =)

  2. Love what you have done so far. Would love to know where I can purchase the butterfly fabric that you are using. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Ooooh I love the Butterfly print! Beautiful job on the baby quilt! Can’t wait to see your Calico Rose finished, love the border colors! Lots of work but it’s going to be worth it!! Going into week 3 of my spinal surgery, No quilting (or anything) for at least 4-6 weeks yet 😦 but did have my first outing yesterday, My daughter took me to JoAnn’s!! ToDo list just got longer lol picked up lots of fabrics, some with and some just cause I loved them, will figure out what to do with them later lol!! You inspire me and give me ideas! ! Hope you had a great weekend!! ❤

  4. i can hardly wait to see that border when it is done…I love pieced borders that carry out the pattern in the quilt…and the star quilt is going to be beautiful…I, too, have used that butterfly print!!!! I believe all of mine is gone but I will enjoy looking at yours…

    yep your ears must be burning…Desert Suz and I have been discussing your great quilt tutorials and we are both working on the same one right now!! pictures later…

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