Butterfly Stars

Another baby quilt complete!

2015-02-07 16.11.16

This one started as a small pile of 6″ squares that arrived in a scrap bag.   Too pretty to cut, but not enough to make a quilt either…or was it?


There were 10 squares, but nine were enough.  Using my own My Size Stars tutorial, the butterfly fabric became the centers.  Each star finishes at 10-1/2″, so just a little 1-1/2″ sashing was all that was needed to complete the project.


There is a bag of bonus triangles that will become a different project soon.  Probably a mug-rug or doll quilt.

2015-02-07 16.12.54

If you have just a little of a very pretty fabric, consider My Size Stars.  They go together quickly and take advantage of prints you want to highlight.


This quilt is intended for the baby of one of my colleagues.  His wife is due in March–he is a science teacher.  Butterflies and stars–it seems perfect.

7 thoughts on “Butterfly Stars

  1. beautiful!!!! I love the butterflies which I have used in times past and the colors you put with it…I love this pattern and have one started and should finish that..i can also see this pattern as a table runner which my daughter loves…I have to quit thinking up stuff to make when I need to finish the ones I have started!!!!

  2. As usual, beautiful. Gave me a good idea for small pieces. Now what is the name of the pattern, and do you have a tut. for it? Many thanks for your reply.

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