It Is Started

The Hundred Patch quilt.  It is one of my earlier designs but still a big favorite, both of mine and of all of you, my dear readers.


I have created two Hundred Patch quilts.  Both of them live with other people.  The picture above is the second one. One of my goals for this year is to build another one.  But, not just any Hundred Patch quilt.

2015-02-07 16.09.18

Oh, no.

2015-02-07 16.09.07

This one is going to be build out of 1-1/2″ squares.  It will take 42 blocks.  Plus the sashing.

Yes, I must be a little bit crazy, because that is a lot of little pieces.  But, I have been cutting for a while and,

2015-02-07 16.09.49

this weekend, I started.

15 thoughts on “It Is Started

  1. Oh, maybe I should have been saving smaller pieces for you, too! All those not-quite-2-inches strips keep going into my beepie blocks. I’ll have to send the 2″ strips along soon for you or SJ. The container is overflowing. ‘Course it’s a small container. =)

  2. Hopefully you have a machine that cuts the squares for you, but if you don’t, God bless you for doing it all with a rotary cutter. The quilt is beautiful and I hope with whomever it resides, appreciates the time and love that goes into making one with so many little scraps of fabric. Thanks for sharing it with us..

  3. Wow! That is so great! I was just reading about your Hundread Patch Quilt, this evening. It is a great pattern! Good luck with the smaller squares!

  4. Yup. Now it’s certified. You are nuttier then a fruit cake. Honey I know your going to do it. But take your time and don’t push yourself too hard. And I thought I was crazy for doing a king size cathedral quilt by hand. Of which I am examining myself for that one. Been 2 years working on it, on and off. More off then on. Got 2 done. I do love that quilt of yours. It is always so colorful. I’d say good luck but luck has nothing to do with it. You as always are a talented lady and will do it .

  5. I made one and loved it…what a good way to use up my 2″ squares…nope I’m not going to do it with 1.5″ but will sure send you some to add to your collection…like you I find it restful to cut—my favorite part of any project and that is what I am going to do today..too dark and dreary to sew…but I can cut in any weather…

    I can hardly wait to see it when it is done –even when it is started….always been a favorite of mine..

    you are the least crazy person I know but sometimes you do kind of wander off the ordinary path…but that makes you adventurous!!!!!

  6. You have given me the incentive to start sorting my stash into squares. I have a lot of 2 1/2 ” because I use a lot of precut jelly rolls. I can’t wait to get started. Since they are predicting more snow, it is the perfect time to cut up the scraps!

  7. I am almost ready to begin something very similar using 1.5 squares and reproduction fabrics. My squares are cut and I’m sorting them into charms. I think I like your version better than my original plan. So happy I came across this today. What size of wide sashing will you use for between the blocks? I can’t wait go get started.

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