Sew Sweet Simplicity Sneak Peek

How is your Sew Sweet Simplicity sewing coming along?  My setting plan worked out and I finished the top this week.  While I can’t show the whole thing yet, here is a sneak peek to whet your appetite.


That is the planned back and binding next to what is probably my favorite block in the bunch.  This version, with 12 blocks, is a nice size throw.  I am not sure it will be quilted by the “unveiling” date later on this month, but at least this much is ready.

Happy sewing!

5 thoughts on “Sew Sweet Simplicity Sneak Peek

  1. another one I didn’t do but I sure did like the blocks..complicated enough to make it fun…once in awhile I like to try things that have lots of steps but right now can’t seem to find the time…I love the colors of this and the backing and binding are so pretty will be a great have such a good eye for color..

  2. Love the brightness of that block. You’ll finish. You always come through. And if you don’t? The quilting world will not fall apart. You are an inspiration to many dear lady. I am doing Teddy Bears right now for a Children’s cancer center here in Portland Maine. It is the Barbara Bush Cancer Center for Children.

  3. I love this pattern. I am currently working on a quilt pattern from a new book I bought. I will post a picture if you would like to see it. I usually make the tops and store them, then when I need a quilt I finish it. This allows me to make the many patterns that I want to try.

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