Finally…A Rose

Quite some time ago I started building a quilt called “Calico Rose.”  Husband came up with the name and it seemed perfect for the original idea.


After building 42 star blocks I realized the quilt was boring.  Ouch!  That hurt.  So I thought for a long time and decided that alternating blocks might help.  And, I built a lot of those.

The quilt was a top and not nearly so boring, but it didn’t feel finished and wasn’t really large enough to be a queen-size quilt anyway. Ouch again!


Border time!  All the small delicate pieces in the body of the quilt made it feel impossible to put large slab borders on.  Pieced borders it had to be.  A THIRD ouch!


Now, finally, it is a finished top.  Three “ouches” was all it took, but some things are like that.  You endure the thorns to have the roses.  I didn’t know it would be that way when Husband named the quilt.


One dilemma remains–after this struggle I am not sure what to do.  I have my notes, but not pictures to really create a tutorial for the Calico Rose quilt.  It would have to be a written pattern.  Do people really want to build one of these–knowing there might be pain involved? What do you think?


43 thoughts on “Finally…A Rose

  1. This is a beautiful quilt and it would be a good scrap buster. I don’t care if I have pictures, so written instructions would be fine with me. I love you blog and have read several of your book suggestions.

  2. This is a wonderful quilt — I love how the yellow star points sort of disappear and draws your eye around to all the squares — I would certainly make one of these if at least minimal directions were available —

  3. Why the ouches?? I think it’s really pretty. You don’t like it? Why? I claim it if you don’t want it. LOL! No seriously… I’ll even pay the postage.. LOL! No, really!!!

  4. That border was perfect for it! And the predominantly yellow alternate blocks do perk up the blue stars. Although I love it, I won’t promise to make one, so I won’t vote on the tutorial question.

  5. This is your prettiest quilt-ever! Love how you solved all you challenges, really makes a more interesting quilt to have the alternating blocks. I too am challenged with a number of stars I’ve made, may take a few moments to make alternate blocks to set them off. Great quilt!

  6. Yes..yes and triple yes! I would love to make one of these! Please make a pattern. I love torture! Makes me grow as a quilter! Thanks for the warning!
    Ps…have you seen this quote on Pinterest? Heirloom is code for “This pattern is so difficult you would consider death a relief”. Maybe that should be the warning on your pattern!

  7. It’s stunning! I prefer a written pattern without oodles of pics (or at least too many pics)–let’s see 16 squares (4X4) for star centers, lots of HST for star points, 9-patchs for corners on alternate blocks using background for opposite corners plus 4-patch in center of alternate block–not forgetting all those 4-patches for border, yep, I think I can do that! I do love your scrappy quilts!

  8. I love it and write down the tutorial for us…I can look at the picture on here and see how it is put together..i just love it and want to make one…so please put on a written tutorial…please….I love the colors…..and the layout and that is probably my favorite border I have ever seen…(see you should never have offered to give us the written tutorial!!!!)

  9. you probably won’t like my comment either but i think it is beautiful!!!! i need a quilt for my bed(queen sized) and last month i sorted all my scraps and make a commitment to sew thru them as best as i could this year. i have 2 using up blues and off whites, but i have lots of other colors. i would love to do this as a quilt a long,sew along, weekend challenge, or any other way you would consider presenting it. i love it!!!! it would look so pretty on my bed next fall.

  10. I think it was painful for YOU because you were building it a piece at a time. It’s gorgeous, though, and I don’t think it would be a pain to make it, now that you made all the decisions. =) I would even pay for that pattern, just not to have to figure things out. LOL Your color palette – what colors did you leave out?

  11. I think its gorgeous! And remember you’ve already plucked several of the thorns off and it wouldn’t be nearly as painful using a pattern.

  12. Sure wish I’d seen your lovely liven-it-up version before I finished the same original pattern. I definitely felt the quilt was too plain but not being as creative as you are, I didn’t think about alternationg blocks. I love it.

  13. It is a beautiful quilt and a great stashbuster. I think people could figure it out themselves if they really wanted to do it. I you are ready to move on, don’t write it…there are too many wonderful things to make to spend time doing something you don’t want to do. And, btw, I might try your quilt! Maybe make the star points wonky so I don’t worry about accuracy.

  14. Oh My!! I love your Rose quilt!!! Also about the pattern, YES YES!! I would love to make this quilt ! Thanks for all you do for the quilting world I love it!! Charlotte

  15. I LOVE IT!!! It is so beautiful, and if you did a tutorial, I would for sure make one.I am making a “Big Hugs” right now, and your Film at Five is my next project, so I do love your tutorials!

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