A Calico Rose Quilt Along!

The votes are overwhelmingly in favor of a tutorial for the Calico Rose quilt.  And, as this blog is about to pass the milestone of  five years of existence, a quilt along might be a good way to celebrate!

Let’s do this!


First, I have a few more questions–would you like to create a full bed quilt or a throw?  The Calico Rose pictured here is 49 blocks and finishes at 96″ square.  That is a big quilt.  And a lot of pieces–about 2500 of them.  Trust me.  I know this is a lot.  However, we could do that.  And you would have a big, beautiful quilt to show for it. And there is  something truly inspiring about directions that start “Cut 2000 2-inch squares in your choice of colors.”

We could also think  smaller–say a throw made out of 9 blocks and that same pieced border.  It would be about 48″ square.  .

Square works best for this design and odd numbers of blocks in the rows/columns, too.  That does restrict options a little.  We could make one with 25 blocks…that would be about 72″ square. That is similar in size to a Fading Charms quilt, which I have on a full size bed here at home, and it works.

Or, everyone could just do their own thing.

I want this to be fun, and I want you to be happy.  I know it is impossible to please everyone all the time, but it would be nice to please some of the people at least some of the time…Please, let your voice be heard.

50 thoughts on “A Calico Rose Quilt Along!

  1. The Calico Rose pictured here is 49 blocks and finishes at 96″ square. That is a big quilt. And a lot of pieces–about 2500 of them. Trust me. I know this is a lot. However, we could do that. And you would have a big, beautiful quilt to show for it. And there is something truly inspiring about directions that start “Cut 2000 2-inch squares in your choice of colors.”

    I vote for big and beautiful!

  2. I usually do my own thing, but 72″ is usually my go-to size. I would be grateful for any size instructions you provide! 🙂

  3. I’d love to make the 95″ square. I can use the instructions for the 72″ quilt and simply make the extra blocks needed. Which ever is easiest is fine with me!

  4. I think it would be wonderful for people to do their own thing. Thanks so much for having a quilt along! (I prefer to work at a couple blocks at a time instead of cutting out 2000 of something. Just my preference)

  5. this is a great quilt and I woujld love to make one.
    72″ size would be the best size for me. Will there be a written tutorial?
    I would really like to have one. You have some great quilts and I would love to have some of your tutorials.

  6. I don’t think it matters. If you put up the requirements for each size, people can pick their own sizes. =) A QAL is a great idea.

  7. That looks like fun! If I do it, I’d only do a smaller quilt because at some point it needs to be quilted. I have no problem adjusting sizes on my own.

  8. I really love how your quilt finally turned out and like the scrappy look of it! I would like to join the QAL and make my quilt in green. The size doesn’t matter to me, I accept what you offer in the tutorial.

  9. 72″ sounds good to me too..if I want it larger I can make it larger…and I am soooo glad it is 2″….I have hundreds possibly thousands already cut so I will start sorting by color..i haven’t done a QAL for years and that would be fun…thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!!!

  10. Love your quilt ! and the colours are so pretty, I would love to join, but have to many wips going, the 72″ would be ideal for me if or when I do make your pattern.

  11. How about you do the instructions the size that is best for you. Just tell us how many blocks for each size and everyone can decide what size they want. Love the quilt by the way..

  12. Great idea! 72″ is ideal for me but I can adjust as I rarely follow a pattern exactly. My Fading Charms is under the quilting needle and close to being the first finish of 2015. Thank you for the great patterns!

  13. Love the quilt. If you do your instructions could you do them as a printable pdf? I don’t have a computer close to where I sew and to be able to print them and take them to the machine would be great. I do love the colors you chose and am think perhaps mine would be in blues/browns/creams.

  14. What a great way to clear out all those 2″ squares I have cut for a project I am no longer interested in. Sounds like you have several 72″ and some for the larger. I prefer the larger. A quilt a long sounds fun. Will keep my eyes open!

  15. Absolutely love this quilt and the quilt along idea. Count my mom and me both in! We will probably each do a throw size. Looking forward to it already!

  16. I usually make lap quilts for give away. If it was a tad bigger than 48 it would be good, or else I can just add borders. A really big quilt is a big time investment for me. I vote for smaller than the one you add. Love all your work.

  17. I would probably go with the larger one for my bed. I could also just make more blocks. Wonderful of you to do this QAL. I am expecting my 2 inch accuquilt die anyday now. Great timing. Thank You

  18. I think we would all really appreciate any and all instructions you can give us: How about you make the QAL the smaller size, and if you could, give us the requirements for the mid and large sizes. This way you’ll include all comers and whomever wants to make a different size will have the fabric needs at the start. Thanks, Deb

  19. The larger the better, but any and all instructions you give will be great I have great friends who give me their scraps so I have plenty to make the largest size Thank in advance Donna

  20. first let me say a big thank you to you for doing this. i fell in love the first time i saw it. 72 is a nice size and seems to be the popular choice but, for me, i want this one on my bed so i will be happy to do the extra blocks on my own if i have to. i’m easy. haha. i hope we get a nice amount of time to cut all those blocks—-wow!
    i love seeing all the different quilts your mind creates. truly gifted and i so appreciate your generosity.

  21. I’d love to do your QAL- anything to use more scraps. the 72″ seems to be the most popular size. my squares are 3″, so my quilt would be a bit bigger anyway. perfect! how often would you post directions? hoepuflly not more than once a week!

  22. Sewing group Prayers and Squares makes smaller quilts to give away and we like it to be no larger than 44×60, but I like the idea of your giving all the sizes. Enjoy your web site and dedication to the sewer. Thank you.

  23. I’m very tempted to join in. I love 16 patches as a base, simple and versatile. I have quite a few 2 1/2 inch patches already cut, not sure if I’d use those, or get rid of some scraps by cutting 2 inch squares. Either way, whatever you provide, I would adapt to, not sure what size I’d prefer. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  24. I will be happy to follow along with whatever the group chooses. I just love your patterns and fun with 2″ squares. What a great way to celebrate your 5th anniversary! Congrats on five years and wishing you many, many more.

  25. Give a grid, with all the size choices and pieces needed. This way everyone can do what they want to.

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