Food Fight

Why was food piled all over my kitchen?


Because my freezer looked like this!


In the last few months we have had the vacuum, furnace, washer, and freezer/fridge all die.  All were resurrected by Husband’s amazing mechanical skills except the vacuum.  The vacuum was replaced for $8, thanks to savvy shopping at Deseret Industries (a thrift store) where Husband saw a nearly new vacuum that just needed a little work.  (The new vacuum is known as the Blue Ferret, but that is another story.) The furnace and washer repairs were free except for labor.  The freezer/fridge needed parts as the defrost mechanism was dead, but for only $167, I have a practically new one that runs just fine.
How fortunate I am that my marriage has outlasted many major appliances–and I have a husband who manages the repairs.
Yikes!  I hate to think of what all this would have cost us otherwise!

11 thoughts on “Food Fight

  1. Gosh! You are lucky! Neither my husband nor I can fix the first thing around the house! We have been very fortunate in both of the two places where we’ve lived to meet very good people who have the skills we don’t. So we know who to call when things break. I don’t mind paying people to do that kind of thing as long as I know they are trustworthy. And, I’ve been lucky to know people who I’m sure I can trust, who are very talented, hardworking, and willing to help.

  2. Want to send him over? My dishwasher has gone the way of my heat pump, and the freezer doesn’t always sound so good, either. =) The water heater makes darned odd noises that are of concern, as well. This is something I really miss about Paul going. He also was Mr. Fixit! =) Neither of the boys has that.

  3. I am so glad you have such a talented husband…mine would have said get the repairman on the phone..he was not a mr fix-it but he had lots of other good qualities..i had to replace my fridge last Sept and so I know the expense of such a thing..i’m glad you got it fixed…and you are lucky to have Husband to do things for you…

  4. I wish I had that kind of skill, to troubleshoot mechanical problems and fix them. I would feel like Superman, like there is nothing I couldn’t do! Pat your husband on the back for me and tell him he has a fan

  5. How fortunate you are Deanna to have married a man of many talents. While my husband fixes many things around the house, especially electrical, and plumbing, he does not always have the knowledge to repair the new furnaces on the market today, although sometime he is able. It seems those major necessities, aka, furnace, fridge, air conditioner, water heater are all programmed for a certain life expectancy, and if it happens to go beyond the projected life of the appliance, we are told how fortunate we were that it lasted sooooooooooooooo long. Nine years seems to be the magic number these days, but I remember a furnace we had in our former house that was still working, with a few repairs along the way, when we sold the house after living there for almost 39 years. I’m afraid those days are gone forever. Hope you have a good day.

  6. I have to laugh. Been there done that. But hubby in his infinite wisdom tried to fix things, but it just made it worse or made it completely die. So now I have a back up plan when things get stupid on me. It’s called Best Buy. By the time I’ve called someone to come and fix it , I can get a new one for that price. Hubby, though he tries, just can’t do it anymore. So I keep my Best Buy card fairly empty and I have a back up so, not if, but when, things break.

  7. Oh, and 1 more thing. We are fortunate to have Geo-Thermal heat. So we rarely have to call a repairman. Just have to maintain it 2 times a year. Change filters, etc.

  8. I too am blessed with a hubby who can fix just about everything. We have a standing imaginary account of my “repair bills”. After 42 years I think I’m over a million dollars! Tomorrow he’s refreshing the main bath with a raised vanity (we are tall), new toilet and paint. My contribution will be a new shower curtain and valance. And a nice dinner.

  9. OK, listen up everybody, here’s the truth. The appliances talk to each other. Yes, they do! That’s the strange and sometimes disturbing noises you hear, mostly late at night, and usually when you are alone.. And they decide who is going to break down and when. Then, for their special entertainment, they will decide which two will die at the same time! Or really mix it up and all of them will act out in a short time span. Then, if they are really feeling feisty they will rope the family vehicles into their dastardly break-down schemes. And that’s the truth!

  10. Before the Blue Wedding Dress was purchased, prospect wife was once admonished by her room mate “don’t marry him or you’ll never have anything new!” Bah! Since most appliances are designed by educated, thoughtful engineers with an eye toward cost containment, mass production, and known life cycle repairs I approach problems in the following manner: first, grab the tools and dig until I find what doesn’t work anymore; next, I might call the local repair shop and share some symptoms and see if something definitive emerges. Then I’ll “Google” the problem or just the number on the broken part…. the web is full of both know-it-alls and vendors ready to inform or undercut each other’s prices. New stuff is usually easier, old stuff not so much so as parts are an issue. All you need is one trip around the web to know that there’s “the price” and everything between there and 3x the price. Regarding the Blue Ferret vacuum: our upright of many years and associated repairs had just given up its mechanical ghost. We were in a local thrift store because that’s where ya find 38″ inseam pants (the product of blue dress and handyman) with relative ease… when the nearly new, very plugged up vacuum was spotted in its natural habitat. Since the poor thing had been used to clean up after someone with very long and unattached hair, the roller was clogged to a point of dysfunction. Removal of the hair wad resembled a ferret once placed in the trash bin. Flipped over the drive belt, reassembled, and the Blue Ferret was born! Price tag said $8. New at Wally World $175. My kind of math…

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