6 thoughts on “Signs Of Spring

  1. They are so sweet. Does the handling sort of domesticate them? Keep them from running at you and nipping? The quilt store owner showed me a spot on her leg today where her two week old chicken nipped right through her leather pants! Didn’t look like fun. =)

  2. Definitely a sign of spring. I have 11 hens that are so much fun. They are very temperamental. If my husband doesn’t go to the chicken pen and talk to them they stop laying…lol. My girls (hens) are 2 years old this spring and I can’t imagine not having chickens. Unfortunately, this winter we lost one hen, but the others are healthy and happy.

  3. I grew up on a farm. We raised them for a commercial co. We had 5,000 chicken and 1,000 roosters. You talk about mean. I had to wear jeans, and leather waders. I also had to wear a long sleeve sweater and a jacket to feed them. I have to say summer was terrible. I always fed them last. Then a shower. We had a 3 story very long and wide building for them. But the girls were pretty good to me. I would talk to them and sing to them. I usually got the job of feeding them all each day. Nobody wanted to feed the roosters. But I tried something that I thought might work. I put a radio on their floor, way up in the rafters. You know when I would go in they were a lot calmer. They preferred country music. No rock and roll. We also did it in the barn for the cows in the winter. We had a lot of radios. But back then they were cheap. Good luck with the chicks.

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