Ten Babies (Quilts, That Is)

The 52 in 2015 project is coming along.  Sparkle Jane has several close to finished, and I have one finish this week.


This quilt is 196 3″ squares laid out 14 x 14.  Just a bunch of coordinated scraps and leftovers.  The finished quilt is 35 inches square.


It is quilted with a simple diagonal crosshatch.


The back is pieces using two smaller pieces plus part of the same fabric as the bias cut plaid binding (my favorite sort lately).

And it is done!

7 thoughts on “Ten Babies (Quilts, That Is)

  1. I love it!!!! I have so many 2.5″ squares and I could do that with them…never thought of sewing them like that..i always try to think of a pattern to do but I like that…thanks for the idea..i’m almost through with a project and maybe I will make this as a leader/ender…you have such good ideas! thank you!!!!

  2. You can’t beat squares. I had a flannel square one in yellows for PIII and it was his favorite quilt for a long time.

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