Testing The Waters: Quilting Retreat?

It has been suggested that I could sponsor a quilting retreat for WeddingDressBlue readers and other like-minded people.

So, before I go any farther down this road, I want to throw it out to you:  Would you be interested in a quilting retreat in Northern Utah?  How long?  What would you like to do?  What costs do you expect?  How many participants would be ideal?  Would you travel?

Yes, it is a lot of questions, but, if I am going to do this thing, I would like it to be worthwhile.


28 thoughts on “Testing The Waters: Quilting Retreat?

  1. I love the idea. I travel for quilt shows/gatherings about once a year and am booked for the next two. So my input won’t help unless there is a third annual…

  2. Haven’t ever been to one. Sounds like
    fun. What can I say… I live in Northern Utah
    so travel wouldn’t be a problem for me.
    Depends on the costs of course. A place to stay and at least a place nearby to purchase food.

  3. I am a beginner quilter, live in NC, retired, fixed income, could not afford it, but the idea of being around like minded quilters is so attractive. I’ll be praying for your success in this adventure. I am confident you’ll have a good turn out, should you determine to go forward with the idea.

  4. Oh I wish I could go. But Maine is very far away. I cannot fly and driving is out of the question. Want to do one in Maine???

  5. I live in Minnesota, so wouldn’t be able to travel to Utah for a retreat. I do attend a couple of retreats near my home though, so if you’re looking for a little bit of the details; here goes. My favorite is at a summer bible camp about an hour’s drive from me. The staff cooks all the meals for us; Fri night, 3 meals on Sat, and Sunday brunch. We all (about 40 people) work in a big basement room in the main building. There are several cabins that sleep 8 – 10 each with modern showers, we do all need to bring our own sleeping bags/towels in addition to our clothes. It costs $105 for the weekend. We all work on our own projects, there is no class. I’ve been to other retreats that cost more, but they are usually bringing in an author to teach her technique.

  6. Would love to join you but Auckland New Zealand is just a tad too far to travel although I would be willing! Never been to the states, only Canada Niagara Falls and loved it!

  7. For all those who say they are too far away … you know the next step is getting your guild to hire Deanna to come teach a class, right? =)

  8. Does anyone live in Utah? I live in Florida so a bit far to go. Would love it though. My guild met on Saturday and several of us made your starry baby quilt. It was easy and darling cute!

  9. Would you be interested in a quilting retreat in Northern Utah? yes, depending on the timing. How long? 2-3 days What would you like to do? I like a small project and bring what I want to work on. What costs do you expect? room and meals (or have us reduce the cost and help provide the meals. How many participants would be ideal? 20 – 30? Would you travel? yes, if it was ok with my schedule.

  10. Wish I was closer because I would love to attend a quilting retreat. I am not as far away as Maine, but southern Indiana is still too far for me to travel with all the expenses involved. Hope you have a great experience with the retreat.

  11. I wish I could but do to my handicap I’m unable to travel. In fact I order mist of my quilting supplies online. But have a blast and please post pics!

  12. I think this is a fabulous idea. Timing – summer. I live in Tucson and would love to have a reason to get away from the heat. I think 5 days, that way you can set-up and tear-down and still have lots of time to sew. What to sew – you decide, I love all of what you do. Cost – ??????? Whatever it takes. Number of participants depends on you, but 20 – 30 or so. This is a lot of work, but it would be so much fun …….

  13. OK, Utah is too far for me to go for a retreat (though I think we’ll be driving through SLC and Park City this summer). But if I were able to come, I’d want at least 2-3 days. Maybe even 4-5. It would be nice to have a mix of working on my own projects, working on group or class projects, and also other activities – yoga? field trips, games, show and tell, fabric swap. Costs – I would be really happy with $100/day or less for room, board, teacher expenses. Size – I’ve done retreats with 5-6 people, 20ish people, and 50+. I’ve enjoyed all of them, and each has its own flavor.

  14. I’m in Colorado (Denver), so traveling wouldn’t be too bad, depending on time of year. I like quilt retreats where everyone works on their own projects, but having “directed” activities (like everyone working on a mystery project) is fun also. I don’t have input on costs, but would like to request at least the option of private rooms. I’m a “quirky” sleeper and have proven to be better off by myself…

  15. I think it would be a blast! 3 days over the weekend would be ideal. I prefer when breakfast and dinner are both provided, and people just bring snacks for lunch. Usually there is so much food that throwing lunch into the mix is overkill. I don’t have a preference between having everyone sign up to make a meal vs having the food cooked by staff at the retreat center.

    I like it when everyone works on their own thing. I’m not a fan of retreats where everyone is required to do the same project. Half the fun is seeing what everyone brings to work on.

    I think a good price range for 3 days/2 nights is less than $200, including lodging. Closer to $100 would be fantastic since people will be traveling to get there, but I understand that it can be hard to find somewhere willing to go that low. I would be fine with having a roommate if the organizers helped assign people who don’t know anyone.

    This is so exciting that you’re thinking about doing a retreat. Let me know if you want some help. 🙂

  16. I would love to meet you and do a retreat. However, I live in Buffalo, NY and travel costs would be prohibitive. Hope you get enough interest. I just love your tutorials and quilts.

  17. Would you be interested in a quilting retreat in Northern Utah? yes I would, but the timing would dictate my involvement.
    How long? 3 to 4 days sewing time since travel will be long for me.
    What would you like to do? An optional small group project, and bring what I want to work on.
    What costs do you expect? room and meals (or have us reduce the cost and help provide the meals.
    How many participants would be ideal? 20 – 30?
    Would you travel? yes, if it fit into my schedule.

  18. I would love to come…but I can’t!!! Work precludes me coming…but it sounds so wonderful. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I so appreciate your friendship!!

  19. I would love it and I live in Idaho so it is very workable for me. Cost is an issue of course…a weekend retreat for around 150.00, food and lodging included.

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