REFASHION: Dress Shirt To Dress and Tie

I am on spring break from school and using my time to get all sorts of things done.  The family and I set a goal to (besides our regular daily things) do something extra inside, something extra outside and something fun every day.  It has worked out really well.  Much needed chores are being marked off of lists and no one feels too put upon because that “something fun” is out there.


I am not sure if this project qualifies as a “something inside” or a “something fun,” but, when it comes to sewing, maybe they are the same thing. A really good grandma would have had these ready and in the mail long before Easter, but this grandma is just doing her best.


I started with a men’s dress shirt and ended up with a springy dress and tie for the twin nearly-three grandchildren.  It doesn’t show very well in the pictures, but the shirt is a cream color with a wide blue stripe and two narrow yellow stripes on either side of the blue one.  Spring, but with a vintage feel. The pin on the dress is detachable.  I haven’t added the velcro to the tie but will mail the pieces for momma to attach in the best position.

They will go in the mail tomorrow along with a few little things for their soon-to-arrive sister.


The dress is a combination of patterns and making it up as I went along.  The buttons from the front are now in the back and the skirt used what was left of front and back plus the sleeves to give a lot of fullness for spinning. I am concerned that the bodice is a little wide.  Granddaughter is a slender little thing.  The tie was based on THIS TUTORIAL.  It worked very well!  I’ll make more of these in the future.

More projects to share soon.  Time to get back to more “something fun” for the day.

ps–Yesterday Daughter said, “This ‘three somethings’ has worked so well for spring break, maybe we could do it all summer?!”  Works for me!

5 thoughts on “REFASHION: Dress Shirt To Dress and Tie

  1. That is cute as can be. At 3, things don’t have to fit perfectly. Great remodel and some left for squares!

  2. Little ones love to twirl. You are a clever lady. I used to make all my daughters cloths for summer. But she makes her own when she can now. She is 51, so I don’t sew for her unless it’s a quilt or something. Making another Star quilt, this time for her. Putting the sashing on now. This pattern is very popular around here.

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