Off To See The Wizard

Forgive the sudden flurry of posts, but spring break has provided so much time for creativity that many “partials” became “finishes.”

This one wasn’t even a “partial.”  It was just a hope.  As some of you know, my children participate in ballet.  Daughter has danced for many years and Young Son started three years ago.  The studio always needs men to dance with the young women in the big summer performance.  It took some talking, but he finally agreed.  Now he steadily recruits other boys by saying, “What are you doing Thursday night?  Want to work out and pick up girls?”


This year he is the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.  Because of Young Son’s unusual size (6′ 8″), all costumes must be custom made.  This season I started with the HAT!  (Wizards must have a great hat!)


I am going for a vaguely Victorian look.


The hat it build on a foundation of heavy interfacing.  A really good person would have pictures of the process, but I get very caught up in the creative process and only come up for air at the end.


So, ta-dah!  A HAT!

Many more costume components coming soon to a studio near you (at least relatively near–thanks to the internet).

12 thoughts on “Off To See The Wizard

  1. That’s a great hat! I love his line to snag friends into the dancing productions, too. How often does it work? LOL I can’t believe how grown up he’s looking. My gosh … he’s getting so close to mission age. I don’t know his feelings about that, but at 6’8″, he could probably find another good line to use on converts to get them baptized! LOL

  2. AWESOME HAT!! Love the style and colors I’m sure the rest of the costume will be just as ingenious! Am sure you are proud of your children, and hoping they are as proud of Mom, you have such a great imagination for things!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the costume! Hope you had a wonderful Easter and Bless You and your family ❤

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