Shawl Ya’ll?

A shawl has been on my things-to-try list for a while.  It is time!


This is an simple start.  It is really just half of a giant granny square.


But, I had a good pattern to guide me and it is a start of my shawl ambitions.  I will make another one sometime soon.  This is a gift and I want to have one for me.

2 thoughts on “Shawl Ya’ll?

  1. It looks so simple. I’ve thought about making one, but never have. I’m glad to see you are more diligent and put action to the thought. =) Nice model, too. 😉

  2. my daughter’s office has lots of windows and it gets very cold in there in the winter so she asked me a couple of years ago to make her a shawl for each weekday—5—and in different colors so I made her 5 different shawls in 5 different patterns and colors..of course I had a book to go by…they turned out great and it was fun…never made one for me ….but I got orders from people at her workplace..

    I like the simplicity of yours and also the color…

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