After all that cutting it is time to reward yourself with some sewing.  This month we are making the star block centers–those 16 patches.

Again, depending on the size of quilt you are making, you will need to choose your preferred number of blocks and get stitching!

If you are just joining us, check HERE for directions and information on this quiltalong.

The rest of you should have chosen a size to make. SMALL–a throw that uses 5 stars and four alternating blocks. Finished size about 48″ square; MEDIUM–This is the size I am making this time. It uses 13 stars and 12 alternating blocks. Finished size about 72″ square; LARGE: This is the size of the original Calico Rose. It uses 25 star and 24 alternating blocks. Finished size 96″ square.


1. This time all you need are 2″ squares.  All that cutting from last month is being put to use.



1. We are making the centers of the star blocks.  They are 16 patches.  Simple construction.  Just choose 16 squares.  Depending on your color scheme, you might just grab and stitch, or you might want to lay them out first.


Being slightly obsessive (who? me?) I lay out.

2. Sew them together.  I like to join squares into rows and then (after making sure my seam allowances go in opposite directions) sew the rows together.


3.  Press everything out nice and flat and congratuate yourself on a finished square.

4. Repeat as necessary.  If you are making a small quilt, build five of these.  If a medium, you will need 13.  If a large, 25 is the magic number.

Well done!  Let me know how your quilt is coming along.  The next set of directions (cutting AND sewing this time) will be out about May 10.

Thanks for joining in.

13 thoughts on “CALICO ROSE QUILTALONG: Star Block Centers

  1. thank you!!! I am ready to go…I have all my squares cut..i’m going to make the large one…I know somebody in my family will love it….

  2. Thanks! How exciting to begin. I had other plans today, but I don’t feel like them. I’m going to go sew a lot of squares together instead.

  3. I am so happy to join this quilt-along. Can’t wait to begin my cutting. Should be able to get rid of a bunch of stray scraps. Thanks you so much for this quilt along.

  4. Wow, my friend and I have been waiting and waiting–trying to be patient for the calendar days to pass! Can’t wait to get going!

  5. Got a lot of squares done and a row of applique flowers so I can put it together for my granddaughters bed quilt, cant wait to see what is next!

  6. I am here in front of my sewing machine with the squares cut next to me ready to be sewn together 🙂 I am making the middle sized quilt with 13 stars and love the scrappy look, so mine will be really scrappy in colors. Thank you and can’t wait for the following instructions, but it is clever you leave us one month between each step so we have enough time to catch up with you.

  7. hi! I’m loving this quilt along! so fresh and crisp… I’m going to use my scrap squares in blue, purple and yellow. an unusual color scheme for me, but I know it will be beautiful! (my squares are 3″ cut, so I’m going to do the small size, and if my math is correct, i’ll end up with a sofa quilt)
    quick question: where is the code to grab your button for the quilt along. did I miss that somewhere? I can’t find it, and would like to put it on my blog. thanks!

  8. Just found your site thru fave quilts. Love all your quilts I have a granddaughter getting married Sept 2017 and have been looking for a small quilt to make her. Her theme is blue and sunflower yellow so the calico rose quilt a long will be ideal! Thank you

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