Why Quilters Can Make Costumes

It has been said of quilters that they take perfectly good fabric, cut it into hundreds of little pieces, and sew it back together again, and think that is perfectly normal.

Well, sometimes costumes are a lot like that.

I hesitate to even show these pictures as they are not very good and the work is still in progress, but I was struck this afternoon by how much I love my children and how many small pieces there are in these costumes.


Young Son is the wizard.


Daughter is the cowardly lion.

The wizard hat is a lot of little pieces  of assorted green satin and velvet sort of foundation pieced onto heavy interfacing.  The lion costume has nearly 400 separate pieces of tulle in 8 different colors.

They both look terrific, but, then, I am probably biased.

There are many things about being a parent I am probably terrible at, but I hope my children will always remember that I chose to spend time on them and the things they cared about.  It isn’t always perfect.  There are sometimes harsh words and hurt feelings and stress, but I still hope that somehow out of all the little moments we make a life of worthwhile memories.

Little pieces into bigger pieces and patterns–quilters can make many things, including costumes.

12 thoughts on “Why Quilters Can Make Costumes

  1. Oh, I love the costumes and this post. I can almost guarantee that what they will remember is the good things and the times spent together, and all that you did to help them reach their goals. You are a better mom than I am. =)

  2. Girl, those costumes are amazing!! I am so impressed with your imagination and talent! I’m sure your kids will remember small the things you do for them and with them forever! You’re doing a wonderful job Mom 🙂 Keep the pics coming ❤

  3. What a delightful and truthful post. Loving your children and spending time with them and for them is a gift!

  4. I guess my grown daughter remembers the costumes I made when she was little, because now her children and getting the benefit of my “less than perfect” efforts. They have all gotten super hero capes and this week it will be a Maid Marion costume. 🙂 I love doing things like this that take me away from quilting for just a bit!

  5. Your a fantastic mom. And your kids seem to love it. My daughter has pictures of all the prom gowns I made for her from 8th grade to graduation. She has even kept a few. From Satin to tulle she loved them all. Your doing a great job mom.

  6. Oh my goodness – this brought tears to my eyes. I am sure they will treasure these times and what you do although they might not fully realize what you are giving them until they have children of their own.

  7. They are terrific! And they are so fortunate to be your children and not mine, I could never make costumes like that! Perhaps that’s one reason I chose not to have children? The cowardly lion will have to work a little to look cowardly, though! She looks like she’s ready to take on the world! LOL

  8. you are so talented..I tried to remember if I had ever made Susie a costume and I don’t think I ever did but when Kathy mentioned a prom gown I did make her one of those and I still have it here…my grand-daughter tried it on years ago and it fit her also…your children are lucky to have you—not just for the costumes but all the other things you do for them including encouraging them to do lots of things…

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