Varied Results

Sometimes, you can have an idea you think is a good idea, but it turns out to be…not so much.  That happened to me this weekend.  I did a top using 2-1/2″ squares, but I really don’t love it. (Shown here with batting and the probable backing)


Fortunately, I doesn’t have to be perfect.  I can say, “Wow, that wasn’t as good an idea as I thought” and go ahead and quilt and bind it for charitable donation.  Well, I guess I could throw it away, but that seems a little extreme.  I could also stuff it in a corner and let it gather dust, but that isn’t useful.  So, I’ll just finish it.


The second top for the week is a little better.  I really like the design, but am not thrilled with that dark green stripe.  I could take it apart.  I could throw it away.  I could leave it unfinished.  But, I’ll, again, just go ahead and finish it and make the pattern again with hopefully better results.

It is OK to have great ideas that don’t quite work.  It is much better than having no ideas at all.

21 thoughts on “Varied Results

  1. I don’t really see anything wrong with either of them. Hey a LOT of people would love one of them just to be warm in the winter. Know what I mean? This would be a great project for sure. HMMM. I just gave myself food for thought. Thank you.

  2. Baby quilts, baby quilts, baby quilts. =) Need I say more? I really like the one with the 2.5″ squares, personally. It’s well balanced and I like the shapes.

  3. Thank you from my heart and for so many others who might not have enough nerve to say it. You will never know how reassuring it is to hear someone else say – hey, I am not perfect, but I will keep trying – but in your own words. Sometimes I forget others are not perfect even though in my mind everyone else is and never has any regrets or mistakes. Thank you for putting it in writing for all the rest of us who struggle when we feel we have failed. I do like the 16 patch just not the backing. Like you not the dark green strip on the other quilt.

  4. They are both very nice. Your food for thought meant a lots to me. Thanks. I will remember this post well for future.

  5. I love both, a little child could use it as an I spy quilt, no worries. I just made one with a 61/2 ” snowball and a 9 patch, but now I am stuck, don’t know what to do next as it looks a bit square for a cot and need it a bit longer, help!!!

  6. My comfort is that no one else is making the comparison to the idea in my head but me. And my second is very like yours: it will still keep someone warm. And like others, I like the first one.

  7. I thank you are doing a great job! I appreciate seeing your quilts that you are proud of and bold enough to show us the quilts that you are not so happy about. Somebody will always need that love that you put in each piece of your work .

  8. I love the 2.5 inch squares one! Did you post a picture a while ago of it in progress? I thought then how lovely it was and had in mind to do something similar 🙂 ‘One man’s Rubbish is another man’s Art’ – can’t remember who said that though…

  9. the first one is similar to Growing Up Odd and I love that quilt—and in fact made one…this smaller one gives me an idea for a way to use up the hundreds of 2″ squares I have…I gave my whole container of 2.5″ squares to a friend who hates to cut and needed them to finish a quilt so starting over there…the second one is darling–really busy—but some little child would love that for a quilt…you are too hard on yourself but then I guess we all are..the UFOs I have left to finish are the ones I least liked …that is one of the reasons I stopped working on them…

  10. I love the 2 1/2″ squares one. What is it that bothers you about it? The colors? The borders? I am working on your Fading Charms and am up to the single row of squares. I just love it.

  11. Hi, I like them both, and I really like the 2.5″ one also. Put a nice deep colored binding on it, and it will pull everything together. I would like to try that one myself! And the second one; I have learned over time, if I have seen something clearly in my head, it is meant for someone specific. God has in mind who it is made for! And sometimes their taste and our tastes are different. There is a young woman out there; who might be missing a mom or grandma who quilted, and this sweet little quilt they can hold close. Or a young girl who has never had something just made for her or her baby, and this will be the hug that she so desperately needs. We see quilts, as a creativity, a craft, the work of our hands, and as an act of love. God sees them as a purpose; a plan; a specific blessing to a specific heart and need. And we have the privilege of being a part of that! You proudly finish that little quilt; and ask God to get it to the right heart, and the right need. I admire what you and your daughter are doing.

  12. Looking at the comments,liking a project seems to depend on who’s looking at it. I figure I can’t hit a home run every time, so am happy to be tryiing new things and hoping they work at least occasionally.

  13. I really like the first quilt – it is something I aspire to making, but I’m fairly new at quilting 🙂

  14. If I don’t like a specific color in a quilt I often find I can tone it down by quilting on top with a thread color that does just that. Experiment on a scrap. Personally I love both quilts.

  15. I think it’s rather quirky, but I enjoy quirky stuff. I am a bit quirky myself. I want to be able to watch my family go through my stuff when I’m gone & hear the lovely stuff they say about me like, laughing at some oddity I saved for years, & say “What in the world was she thinking when she saved this?” As it brings a tear to their eyes, through a smile. There will be lots for them to find & I would love to see & hear their conversations. Lol

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