A No Sew Solution

I found this red formal for $1 at a garage sale.  Right size for Daughter .  What I missed at first glance was the resourceful no-sew solution the previous owner had used to hem the dress.

2015-05-02 19.10.33

Sorry for the strange shot, but I was laughing really hard when Husband took the picture.  You have to give them points for creativity.

Yes, that is packing tape and safety pins.

8 thoughts on “A No Sew Solution

  1. LOL!! That is too funny, but the dress is a pretty one! Hey, you were nominated for a few awards lately…you got my vote! Did you know??

  2. I guess they figured they would only wear it once and that would do! I’m sure it’s looking much better now. Pretty color.

  3. Classic case of use what you have Sam. I once had to go to a formal Nascar banquet in 1972. We had no money. So I took down my gold drapes in the bathroom and made a very nice long skirt. I wore a solid black long sleeved top and a gold necklace. Nobody knew and all complimented me on my attire. You never know what you can use until you become desperate. Trust me on that one. But that’s makes it more challenging. And fun.

  4. clever if you ask me…I worked for a couple here in town for many years and she had an outfit she wanted to wear to a less formal occasion than it was bought for years before so she wanted it shorter and also one of the buttons—fabric covered—-had disappeared so we taped up the hem—on the off chance she would want it longer later—and we took some fabric from a wide seam—where she had taken it up when she first bought it—and covered a button to match the others…so I have been there done that…

    that was a good buy and you will be able to re-do that very easily..i know you…

  5. That is funny. But I kept masking tape in my drawer at work for a hemming emergency.

  6. HO HO.
    When I first saw this, I did laugh out loud but on second thought, in an emergency, if that’s what it was, that is pretty quick thinking.

  7. Have had to do the tape thing a few times over the years, but the safety pin thing would have showed, I’d have stuck with the tape. Cannot help but imagine the circumstances under which they had used this, stop/gap method. They must have been comical. I imagine girls gathered in a ladies room frantically fixing this girls hem. Any pot in a storm. Lol

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