Finished (And Nameless)

The quilt based on orphan blocks is finished.  And a pillow as a friend.


It will soon go to a charity raffle and new home.  You might be interested to know that, after many requests, I have decided to go ahead a write a pattern to share with all you lovely people.  Problem is, I need a name.


Also, how would you feel about it being a quiltalong during the summer after Calico Rose is finished.-?  Maybe on a faster (every 2 weeks) schedule?

32 thoughts on “Finished (And Nameless)

  1. DH Says it looks like a Pinwheel Carnival. I said it looks like a Dutch Stars quilt. I love it no matter what…cannot wait for the pattern!

  2. I love it! I would love to do it as a quiltalong. I’m enjoying the one I’m doing now. How about The Orphanage for the name.

  3. I would like to know the things to consider in putting orphan blocks together in a setting that is pleasing to the eye. Maybe ‘Homecoming’ for the quilt name?

  4. Would LOVE a quiltalong every 2 weeks!!
    Will be looking out for it!
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  5. The color combination is great! My orphans never coordinate that well. The blue sashing and pieced border are perfect for the orphans. My name suggestion is Window on the Whirl.

  6. How about ” Spinning around the Star” was my thought when I looked at it. It is beautiful. Love it. Bring on the pattern please.

  7. All these names sound good. Now you have the chore of picking one. It is a lovely quilt. You know me I love star patterns. Bring it on.

  8. Country Fair or Ferris Wheel. It reminds me of a summer-time fair, with the Ferris wheel in the background and balloons and colorful tents and sunshine and laughter.

  9. It is a beautiful quilt! And yes my orphan blocks never looked that coordinating, I just love all colors and different quilt blocks. As the name how about Oh my stars” just saying ! What every the name it will be loved by the new owner.

  10. ‘Star struck’ or ‘Spinning Stars”. I’m always star struck with your work. Great to catch up with your blog at last. I am way behind with all my sewing and am chasing my tail to catch up.

  11. it’s so pretty and looks very co-ordinated….when I put my orphan blocks together it will never look co-ordinated….I love the colors…too many good names suggested….ask your husband…he is good at naming quilts..and it would be a great QAL…

  12. How about “A Star Is Born” since they are no longer orphan blocks :)….love the quilt. Would like to do this with my ‘orphans’, but not sure the colors will meld as lovely as yours did.

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