Soggy Saturday

After a long, dry winter we are having a remarkably wet spring.  This was the view out my front window to the north this morning as the rain slowed and the clouds lifted.  Yep, fresh snow on the mountains.   It is a wonderful thing, the rain, particularly on a Saturday.  Oh yes, I can hear the skepticism, but if the weather were bright and sunny I would be outside working.


As it is, I can stay inside and not feel even a little guilty as I putter around and get a few little jobs out of the way.

In the morning I was by far the first one up (as is usual) and I didn’t want to disturb the sleepers, so I cut scraps.  Mostly 2″ squares.  Even though I have hundreds (read possibly thousands) I needed more in specific colors for the upcoming borders of the Calico Rose quilt.


And cleaned and organized my thread drawer.  I just did this at Christmas, but it seems to need doing regularly.  I am trying hard to use up small scraps of thread when piecing scrappy quilts (Why not?!) to get  the drawer less crowded.  What am I saving those little pieces for anyway?  Part of me resists thinking that I might have a sewing project that might need just that particular shade and now…BUT, I remained strong and set aside 15 spools with a single layer wrap or less remaining.

Much of the rest of the day was spent catching up ironing and mending and sewing a few blocks together, too.  The alternating blocks for Calico Rose are finished, and I’ll have the quiltalong post ready  soon.

Also grocery shopping for the week and a few other household chores and errands.

And a remodeled a skirt for Daughter. (No picture of this yet.)

Now it is evening and nearly time to  head back to bed again.  Not bad for a soggy Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Soggy Saturday

  1. Well you are a busy lady. I did some cleaning and some organizing of my sewing room. I got the big closet in my sewing room finally organized. Not keeping somedays anymore. I am donating to Goodwill a lot of stuff. Good stuff, but I don’t need it. I received 2 beautiful sewing machines from a friend who passed away a few weeks ago. He willed them to me. Beautiful older machines, in really good condition. So I gave one to daughter and kept the other one. I made sure it was working first. Took it apart and cleaned and oiled etc. Nice machine. As for mine? Haven’t had the time yet to go over it. But I know it works great. I will clean it also. Waiting till room is done first. Hope to see daughters skirt soon.

  2. you had a good day…sometimes we have to do ‘fun’ things keeping busy …I keep my thread down in the same way—I use any color when sewing scrap quilts and also bobbins…I have bobbins in black, white, ecru and gray which I only use for those colors but when the quilt is scrappy I use up my odds and sewing room has stayed fairly good since I cleaned and straightened last but one of these days when I finish my current project I will have to go thru it again…have a great Memorial Weekend..

  3. It was a great, productive Saturday. We are having an unusually dry month after months of soggy! I forgot people match thread. I use 4 neutral colors, but mostly beige, and just have replacements in the wings for when one goes out. I do have a few bobbins with color from doing machine applique, which I hardly do any more. You have a lovely view.

  4. Whew!! for you. Good thread-using tips. Thanks. I went to a cook-out yesterday, early Memorial Day batch. Loads of fun but I missed my sewing.

  5. i want your rain. We haven’t had any measureable amounts in about 3 weeks, ever since I put down the grass seed. And we have watering restrictions, so I haven’t watered either.

    yesterday was great to stay in a while and finish a complicated block and then back to my one block wonder quilt.

  6. We had quite a bit of rain here yesterday and although I feel guilty about not being able to get out in the garden, It seems to be doing fine on it’s own. I emptied 4″ from my rain gauge but with all the storm run off, I was able to kayak about a mile down the road in front of my house to my neighbors house. Although the road was impassable by anyone with half a brain, it was fun to kayak.

  7. Too funny, I looked at your post and thought…. that’s funny we had snow/rain at our house on Saturday too. Then I went to the blog and saw your picture of good ole Ben Loman. I guess I was thinking that you lived further South than me…. We live in Clinton.
    We too got lots done yesterday, but went for a leisurely drive (in the rain) for a late breakfast up in Honeyville. New territory to me but enjoyable. Working on making drapes for my in-laws bathroom. It’s a process, finding it hard to get motivated. I do relate to the thread drawer thing though… mine is a disaster lately. I’m teaching my neice’s little girl, my granddaughter and a young lady from church how to sew. So, that means I’m letting them use up the odd bits and pieces of thread.
    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day… neat to see that we are so close.

  8. I’m sure you’ve dried out by now, but I’m behind on my blog reading. 🙂 I can’t think of a better way to spend a soggy Saturday. In fact, I’ll take soggy any day of the week.

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