Quiltalong Progress

How is your Calico Rose quilt coming along?  I am so happy to say that several of you have reported enjoying this quilt and some have sent pictures.  YAY!

Here are a few highlights:

Patricia is making the LARGE size and has all 25 star blocks completed.

photo 1

Nora’s blocks are also coming along nicely.  She had measuring challenges (probably a standard to metric conversion), but has carried on and expects to finish her blocks on time.

McGill sent this picture of a baby quilt she finished quickly because babies come when they will.  She did her alternating blocks a little different than mine, but I really like the results and I’m sure the baby doesn’t mind at all.

Alaena has created a small quilt with leftover pieces. She used a darker background and jeweltone color scheme.  I really like it!  And, can you imagine the beauty of the large quilt?

star chain baby quilt

The directions for the alternating blocks will be posted by the 10th.

7 thoughts on “Quiltalong Progress

  1. They are all so beautiful! Hoping my blocks will look as nice. Working on putting stars on patches. Little setback but should catch up by the 10th, I hope. This showing gives me incentive. Thanks

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