Flutterby Quilt


The baby, Mary Marie, arrived after nearly 24 hours in labor.  All are grateful.  She is 8lbs 11oz and 21-1/2 inches long.

As I write this, the wife of Second Son is laboring to bring our fourth grandchild, expected to be a girl, into the world.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I labored myself with my youngest child, Daughter, who turned 15 last month.

Naturally, the occasion calls for a quilt.


Last week I pulled fabric.


Earlier this afternoon the last stitch was applied to the binding of this quilt.


Husband remarked that it is quite a departure for me, having such large pieces.  It is OK to try new things, though.  The design is not my own but a modification of the Whisper Wings pattern, a free project from Riley Blake.  I used just 9 butterfly blocks with 1-3/4″ sashing between.  It finishes right at 36″ square.  Not a large quilt, but babies are small and this should wrap her nicely.

14 thoughts on “Flutterby Quilt

  1. Nice and bright. Babies love bright colors. Love the butterflies. I have a passion for them. She will adore it . I can see her dragging it around the house when she starts to walk.

  2. It is okay to go big. =) They are cute as anything and very baby-friendly. Congratulations to you and the mother and father.

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