Bits And Strips

This is another scrap bag quilt–just bits and strips.


It is really just a Chinese Coin variation.  The four colored and pieced strips came in a  scrap bag and I loved the color scheme.  But, how to make a quilt out of such a small amount of fabric? The aqua/turquoise pieces were also scraps and the brown stripe and background white were added by me.  Suddenly, you have a quilt!


Overall I am really pleased with the look.  It adds one more to our 52 in 2015 project.  And it will make a baby warm and happy somewhere.

7 thoughts on “Bits And Strips

  1. Nice quilt! Kudos to you for having made so many already this year! I enjoy seeing your beautiful creations and look forward to seeing the next one. You inspire me 🙂

  2. Glad you did that as I was wondering how to use my scraps as I usually give them away to a lady in my group that has an embroidery machine and makes the most of the scraps! Might try this instead and see what comes out, thank you so much for the idea!

  3. Hmm. that gives me an idea for all my scraps. Thanks for the idea. Love the quilt, and the colors. Simple but quite nice.

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