Summer 1964–Now THAT’S A UFO

In one of the recent house cleanouts, I found a lovely bundle of fabric–Linen and butterflies.  How could I leave it?  It was so very pretty I set it aside, hoping there would be enough there to make something.

This last week I got the bundle out and unrolled it.  It had been cut, but the pattern pieces (not the pattern package) were still there.

A brief internet search showed me that Simplicity 5409 was this dress. Publication date 1964.

It was in a size I was certain would fit Daughter.  So, nothing to do but sew it up.


Ta-dah!  A lovely summer shift.


Only 51 years in the making.


We had to add some darts to better fit Daughter’s shape, but overall I think the effect is lovely.


UFO no more!

12 thoughts on “Summer 1964–Now THAT’S A UFO

  1. Now that’s amazing! It looks gorgeous on her. Don’t you wonder about it’s beginnings in 1964?

  2. That is a beautiful young lady and the dress is wonderful. Good for you making something that was there for so long waiting to be worn!

  3. Sweet! Nothing like being able to finish up someone else’s start. It’s like getting clothes for free! And it looks lovely on her.

  4. That made a lovely current looking dress and you were so smart to look up what the pattern was. And I also think you won with the oldest UFO, imagine that 51 years. (ah hummm… but at the rate I’m going I’ll be having some as old myself unless I get myself better focused.!) lol

  5. Wow! That UFO beats even mine. My oldest is about 45 years old. I made a dress similar, if not the same, at high school.

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