I do not lack ideas.  Or fabric.  Or time.  Or space.


Right now I have five finished tops.  With backs.  And bindings.

What I lack is the motivation to baste and quilt them.

So it looks like nothing is happening.

Motivation, where art thou?

9 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. So that is why I found me a great longarmer who was reasonable enough and I started giving her my tops and backings. Yes it takes money but my time was money and I needed the monkeys off my back. Beautiful work, reasonable prices and I am rejoicing in finished quilts once I put on the binding. I have had 14 done in the last few months. This does not take care of the small runners and wall hangings but at least my UFO pile is much shorter.

  2. Oh yeah, I am in that same boat. I have a lot of tops done, getting to the quilting part is a little daunting for me because I am not sure on how the quilting should be. It is so much fun to pick out colors patterns that is part of the fun! I am part of that calico rose quilt along , and now that it is getting to the end of this project I am thinking on how to quilt it. Just think of that lucky person that will be receiving that beautiful gift made with love, how much happiness you will bring to their life. 🙂

  3. I too would get a lot more quilting done if I didn’t have to pin/baste it first! So I start a new project. A deadline often gets me over the hump, but I am no good at creating fake deadlines–works for some people.

  4. LOL! This hit me today, too. So, I got out the Go Baby and cut the big pile of scraps that had accumulated on my sewing table.

  5. The same has happened to me. Last week I was so enthusiastic and hand quilted the log cabin quilt and now it is waiting on a chair-back with the binding half pinned for five days. I only need to sew the binding and would have a finished quilt but I cannot persuade myself to do that little bit of sewing. It happens again and again when I have an almost finished quilt.

  6. I tend to love the colors and the creating the best; the rest is work. But when I finally am finished how very pleased I am. Sometimes I don’t finish, because I know that when it is done it will be gone. Silly I know. So it usually sits where I can see it and enjoy it.Then I know that some baby is waiting for it; or someone I love; so it gets finished and out it goes. As much as I dread the bigness of the basting, quilting and binding; I really enjoy the quilting when I get going. It is the getting going. I always really like what you pull together; and I am always amazed at how much that you get done! I am also amazed at what you pull together from a few random pieces, and the end results is fitted perfectly. I have been encouraged to grow; and stretch by your blog; and by the other quilters that leave their feed back. I always get ideas by what you have done; and really enjoy that so often you have shared tutorials. So thanks!

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