Small Step

The next step for the fairy panels was to move towards a setting idea.  One way to “grow” a quilt is to set the blocks on point, but I didn’t want those fairies to fall over.


So, I added a triangle to each side to give the effect of being on point without tipping the fairies.

Hmm…what to do next???

7 thoughts on “Small Step

  1. In Sparkle Jane’s box there was a package of kids mixed kids blocks that were taken on a bid, and I believe there were 4 to 6 fairy blocks in there, that really looked like they would go well with the blocks that you have. Just an idea! 😀

  2. Great tip!~ I have basket block tried on point, but fell over also. This should work out fine.
    Thanks for sharing. Love your block. I am always excited after reading your pages.

  3. Good choice! – color stripping? Maybe your beloved 2″ squares? =) Or go for broke and use an entire strip of fabric! LOL

  4. I am doing an angel quilt on point. My hubby won them at our guilds Christmas party last year. There are 14 of them. Help! Any suggestions would be appreciated. we would like to have this for a quilt top for our king bed for our Christmas quilt. Oh they are 6 1/2 ” each square. Maybe I can make more?? Help anyone please!
    Doesn’t have to cover the whole bed and sides, just the top. So I guess it would be a queen size. I thought maybe doing a large strip star in the middle like a star of Bethlehem. Not sure.

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