Oh So Modern

The whole “modern vs. traditional” debate in quilting leaves me with a lot of questions:  How do you know?  Why does it matter?


But, certain color combinations seem to say, “Your grandmother would not have done this.”  This quilt is one of those combinations.  Pink and black.

I really like it.  Maybe the pink could be a little darker, but the color-with-black is really appealing.


If you think your fabric is dated try pairing it with a single very contemporary color–I am thinking dusty blue and black…or a brick-y red with grey…or hunter green and white…maybe…what do you think?


Anyway, this is another one for the 52 in 2015 project.  Sparkle Jane and I are plugging away at it.

12 thoughts on “Oh So Modern

  1. on my computer the colors are blue and white—-my gramma made scrap quilts before their time! So the pink and black would have raised an eyebrow among friends maybe, but she would have loved it! Can’t hardly wait for borders for calico rose!

  2. With regard to your question at the tip, I’d say: if you don’t know it doesn’t matter! And your quilt looks white and blue to me, not pink and black, I wonder if it’s like that dress a while back, remember?
    But anyway, the “modern” thing is somewhat confusing to me as well, because so much of it really hardens back to older stuff, like back when a lot of people used muslin or white as background for background for their squares.
    But doesn’t that happen a lot when a new or young generation comes along and feels compelled to reinvent the wheel? They may very well indeed have some new and refreshing ideas and may indeed put things in a new perspective and move in a new direction, but a lot of what they end up doing is what’s always been done, because it actually works very well? So Modern isn’t all new, I think. Like you suggest a lot of it is putting a new spin or setting on “old” stuff. Thinking of it that way also makes it a lot less “scary” for us old timers.

  3. What is “modern” and “why does it matter”? I’d say the only time it really matters if if you are entering a show and have to determine categories, or QuiltCon where all is modern. There are various definitions out there, and I enjoy thinking those kind of thoughts, but I don’t let it hamper my quilting. And there is more than one “modern,” I”m convinced. The one that appeals to me is minimalist and asymmetrical. But that doesn’t mean I don’t do other styles. And I’m also convinced that it is a moving target. In 2013 using gray or white for background was part of the definition; I don’t see that any more. And I find it a fun challenge to make a “modern” quilt with old fabric (just because I want to use my stash.

  4. PS it shows up blue, black and white for me too. I am imagining it in black and pink. I agree, colors or prints or combinations that grandma would not have used speak “modern.”

  5. Yep, blue. But I likes blues! It makes no difference to me what people classify a quilt as. I like what I do and I do what I like and let the chips fall. LOL There are probably fabrics in there your grandmother would never have used ’cause they’re ugly (her opinion, not mine) but that’s okay. There are grandma fabrics I’d never use, too! We make the best we can with what we have, right? Lots of today’s fabrics can stay on the shelves at the store and I’ll never miss them. =) I think many, but not all, modern quilts have a lot of open space for quilting. That’s my observation, not known fact.

  6. As long as it is a quilt, that is good enough for me. Colors, patterns, shapes, textures- that is what a quilt is about. I looked as some quilts I made in the 70s and they would classify as modern- all solids and spaces. My grandmother made beautiful quilts with whatever she had in interesting ways and I am proud to have a few. Just sew and make quilts with what colors make you sing inside. I love your quilts. Getting close to finishing another of your design- Film at Five.

  7. Yikes! Lots of big comments here. I love simplicity. And I adore BLUE. Modern is whatever a person feels like it is. Enough said. Love it.

  8. it comes out light blue to navy on my computer…I love the colors…I like simplicity and especially like using up my squares…I have never thought about fabric being out-dated—only notice if it is old and I just don’t use it thinking it might fall apart after washing…another good way to use up my squares…

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