Two-And-A-Half Cats

This little quilt (32″ x 32″) is made from more squares leftover from experimental quilt ideas that didn’t go anywhere.


The size was determined by the backing fabric.  I was given a small piece (34″ x WOF) of this wonderful cat fabric and it felt like exactly the right thing.


Babies are small…at least in the beginning.

In all there are 256 2-1/2″ squares…and cats.  And they are now a quilt…Ta-dah!

12 thoughts on “Two-And-A-Half Cats

  1. Wonderful! That would be huge on premies, too. We never know what baby is getting a quilt. My friend’s sister had triplets two months early and they are a few ounces over a pound each, not even a pound and a half. Their arms are about the size of her thumbs! So this would wrap them for a long time, and be a great draggie blankie later, anyway.

  2. Cool quilt! Somewhere in my stash of fabric I too have some of that cat fabric! Of course not a whole lot of it but now I know what I can do with that. Thanks again for sharing

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