Baby Kevin

Number One Son and his wife have been married eleven years.  Last July they were finally able to adopt and brought Rockwell into our family.  What joy!


The first week of July this year they were surprised and thrilled to suddenly be offered another baby–Kevin.  Kevin is 6 months old and comes from a very sad background.  For six months he was left to lay in a crib–unloved, underfed, uncared for.  But, now he is part of our family.

The expenses are high and they have put together all the money they can to cover the many bills that are in their lives.

This evening and tomorrow they are holding a fundraising auction.  I have contributed a quilt, but there are many more items and services available.  Take a look if you would like and maybe you will find just what you are looking for:

You can also donate directly HERE:


ps–For those doing the math, yes, they have a one year old and a six month old.  Not quite twins, but close enough…

pps–You can see by the pictures above that I have adorable grandchildren–That is Rockwell on the left and Kevin on the right.  He has already gained a lot of weight and found a smile.  The pictures when they got him just three weeks ago are too sad to show.  Amazing what food, love, baths and play will do for a baby.

11 thoughts on “Baby Kevin

  1. I think what your son and his wife are doing is wonderful. It is so sad and infuriating what people can do to children. Yet, your family is changing these childrens lives for the best. Thank you for sharing and congrats on being a Grandma! Have a splendid day!

  2. Oh, what joy there is in their house, I’m sure! It will be a lot of work for a long time having two almost the same age, but so worth it. I’m thrilled for them and for YOU, as well as for Kevin.

  3. What beautiful parents they are. The boys look so happy. I hate to think what would have happened to those precious baby’s. God bless them both.

  4. God Bless all of you. Kevin is going to live the happiest days of his life with his new family. What fun these boys will have together always.

  5. Kevin has truly found his parents. He is one lucky little man. Congrats to your beautiful family and thank you for sharing them with us. Hoping the fundraising goes well and the financial road is not too long. Looking forward to many more reports on those little men.

  6. Very many good wishes sent to you from the UK. We too have two adorable little adopted boys in our family, with a sad background, now living with loving parents in the Devon countryside with chickens and dogs….having come from inner city Liverpool. Yes, it is hard work, but SOOOO worth it to see the smiles emerge. Just love them, unconditionally, and they will turn out a credit to you. With love from sunny (today anyway) North London.

  7. they are such a wonderful people., being able to do everything they can for baby kevin., even if theyre not rich they still find a way., God Bless !

  8. Congratulations on your expanding family. Hope you are close enough to be gifted with baby sitting! Your family already has many blessings, but like others please add mine. Being rich in love and compassion is best!

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