More Leftovers

This is the end, I think, of the leftover 2-1/2″ squares that were sewn into groups of various sizes and then not used in a quilt.



At least they are now two more quilts that ARE finished and they add to the 52 in 2015 inventory.  We’re getting there.



I can be happy about that.  Another quilt is at the binding stage  which means there is only one quilt left from that pile of lost motivation that I shared a few weeks ago.  Not too bad.  Thanks for all the encouragement you sent me.  It really helped.

And I am working on a new quilt that I really DO like (pictures coming soon).  It is a quilt for Baby Kevin, that lovely addition to our family.  Thanks particularly for your good wishes and support.  The auction raised over $1700 and some additional contributions to his YOU CARING  site.  That leaves only about $1000 to go.  Amazing!  We are so blessed.

4 thoughts on “More Leftovers

  1. Both of these quilts are so wonderful. Any mom would be happy to have one for her baby! I’m looking forward to seeing Kevin’s quilt! I’m glad they are almost at the total they need.

  2. the quilts are so sweet—perfect for any little baby…I especially love the 16 patch at the bottom…I don’t have many 2.5″ squares left but still have tons of 2″ left….a good idea…i’m glad the total is almost there!!!!

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