Strings Finally Finished

The last time I have a record of working on this quilt was August 2013.   I know it set around for quite a while.  (The nice thing about re-reading that post is that all three projects are now complete!) Obviously, I worked on it again later because it started this year as a finished top.


Now it is a finished quilt.


Yay me!


I quilted it myself on my faithful Pfaff 130.  You can’t really see it in these pictures, but I just did a giant spiral starting at the point of the square and then working out around and around.  There are some rough points where I forgot to make sure the needle was down before repositioning the quilt.  Oh well, I was trying for done not perfect.

This is not counted as one of the 52 (see above).  It is a nice throw size (45″ x 54″) and will join another quilt and an afghan in my classroom.  Students sometimes get cold, or don’t feel well, or just want to be wrapped in a hug.  Quilts add to the atmosphere of being welcome to learn, at least I think so.

12 thoughts on “Strings Finally Finished

  1. I love it…that’s another one I want to do and in fact have a bin full of ‘strings’…I hope I live long enough to do even half of the quilts I want to do…I also love the idea of the quilts and afghan in your classroom for the kids to use if they need a hug…I crochet small afghans or throws for my daughter who works at a college ….she hands them out to homesick students when they need a “hug”…

  2. Love that quilt! I’m going to “borrow” your idea, and also use it to practice concentric circles/spiral quilting–won’t show much with all that piecing (and a busy print back), and mine has been rather crooked when I tried it before. Love the idea of quilt in the classroom as a hug.

  3. I love this one! It’s so much fun. I really like how the skinny blue strip is in the same place in all of the blocks. It’s subtle, but it draws the quilt together. It’s a nice touch.

    You are so sweet to have quilts and afghans in your classroom. It shows just how much you care for your students.

  4. That is a great lay out. I have been trying to figure out how to lay out my blocks like these. It will be king size….blocks are done. I sewed mine on muslin for a base. I should have used paper but this worked.  It will be heavy. May need to just use a warm an natural batting for it. I’m sure your students will enjoy cuddling with it. Nothing better then reading with a quilt around you.

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    1. My quilt is also foundation pieced on muslin and I love the feeling it gives the quilt–much more weight and warmth. No one will want to use it in July, but here in Utah warmth will be welcome in February.

  5. Looks fabulous! I’m so happy with the way it looks. Your students will fight to be sick and use it. =)

  6. I have a few of these blocks somewhere in my stash this will be a good idea I have different blocks , leftover from other quilts
    So I will give it a try. Very beautiful quilt good job thanks !

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