I have made some progress on the fairy quilt, but it is currently stalled for lack of ideas.


This isn’t a great picture, but hopefully you can get the idea of where I am.  It is time for some sort of setting blocks, but what to do?  More white is too white, I think.  But…what would work?  Suggestions appreciated.

Thanks!  You are the best readers ever.

21 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. How about using colors – solid or print – for the setting blocks. Everything if touches is white, so almost any of the colors in your blocks would work. You could choose one color, but I think I would like a different color for each setting block. Just pull the colors from your little squares and star points.

  2. I think you should outline the star blocks in blue or green not white in order to define those blocks a little more. It’s too much white for my taste.

  3. I’m thinking this part is fine as is. Maybe the setting triangles should be the colored squares outlining a triangle – maybe it has a 1/4 star block? That four patch part, you know? Maybe that’s crazy, but it’s what came to mind.

  4. My thought is to add a variety of solid fabrics in your triangle areas. Plus, add a strip of fabric to each row and between so that your blocks are separate and “pop” as individuals. Have fun trying some various fabrics and suggestions and go from there. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  5. for me the blocks that have the 36 squares in them are to much for me, i would replace them with solids. keep it light and airy.

  6. This is so absolutely pretty! What an amazing job pulling things together. Keep the finishing of it fairly simple so that the work that you have already done and the colors speak for themselves. It is gorgeous on point. All of the suggestions are wonderful, but I think that i would you the white for the setting blocks so that it doesn’t distract from your design, and then a pretty soft binding from one of the star colors from your fairy blocks. When all else fails audition! It will be sweet what ever you do.

  7. Your blocks are beautiful! I think I’d try a pretty bright yellow or orange print for the setting triangles.

  8. My suggestion is strip around the stars in same color as that star, for patchwork pick different colors from the stars and do the same. Then just attach the big patchwork in between.

  9. My first thought was to use the sixteen patch as the setting triangles. Just the squares. With the frame on the square sixteen patch and the corner triangles on the star blocks there would be plenty of white to separate them. Then you could do a small white border on the whole quilt to finish it off. I can see it completed in my head but it is too early in the morning here to calculate the math in my head. I think the scrappy squares would then fill in the X look you have going and the stars of the show can take centre stage. Whatever you decide to do, it sure will be a pretty little quilt.

  10. Suggestion: White squares with the border used on Calico, to square up the whole quilt & tie it together. some would be just one line of the border & some would have two lines of the border. That would give you a little color in each white block. Seems like that would work, but you’d have to lay it out to be sure it’s pleasing to your eye. I can imagine it, but when laid together it might look terrible, but you could always just choose a solid color, just pick one out of the whole & decide which looks best to you. I am thinking possible red, or yellow, or lavender, those 3 seems to dominate in my eye, but then I’m just guessing based on the photo, not the real quilt.

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