How Many Trees Make A Forest?

Is 45 trees enough to make a forest?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I sure hope so, because a forest quilt is what was intended!

This was my happy project this week.  I built nine super scrappy blocks using THIS TUTORIAL.   There are more than 40 different green fabrics and a wide assortment of brown/tan/gold/orange in the trunks.  You might not think of orange when you think of tree trunks, but I think it adds interest and whimsy.


I added a 1-1/2″ strip of background fabric on alternating columns to give a more organic or natural look to the layout.  I have second-guessed myself several times thinking maybe I should have made it offset a little left and right, too, but it is pretty good as is.


This counts as one of the 52, but is intended as a gift for Kevin (now known as Max),  our newest grandson.  He is doing better every day.  We trust that continued love and work will help him overcome his rough start on life.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.

13 thoughts on “How Many Trees Make A Forest?

  1. Deanna, I adore this quilt
    I would love to make a quilt like this for my mom! Yours is just beautiful.
    I am really happy I found your blog

  2. You and Sparkle Jane are doing a great job on your goal to make 52 baby quilts. Max is going to love his new quilt. God’s work is truly amazing. Such a blessing to have him become a part of your family.

  3. I think about that many does it. =) It looks marvelous, and I love your quilting on it. How fun for Max!

  4. Soooo, as far as I’m concerned, its a forrest. ..and I should know. Born in Washington state, grew up in Washington and Oregon. One or two forrests there….lol. Really cute!

  5. Looks like a forest to me. Max will love it. My wish for him is to grow as strong as a tree trunk and bend without breaking trough out his many trials in life. May his branches spread far and wide (as they have already…Aust.) and he shelters all that are under his reach. What an appropriate quilt to give him. Hold him tight.

  6. i love it and i will keep it in mind for a winter project…i have lots of greens…and i wish Max the best…my youngest grandson (also adopted) almost became Max but ended up being Peter…

  7. Totally cute for a table runner too! Very awesome to sleep under a forest of love, though 😀

  8. It exudes whimsey, I think he’ll love it, especially when he gets to toddling around & dragging it with him wherever he goes. I can visualize a small boy doing just that. & curling up with it on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons. These days that could be any day of the week, no longer restricted to Saturday mornings. lol

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