The Calico Rose Quiltalong has been a terrific success.  While I hope you have all enjoyed yourself, I am certain I have received the most benefit–It was a great push to take the time to write down this design idea.  Good motivation.


Here is the finish–of this one.  The original LARGE Calico Rose is with the quilter and I’ll share it when it comes home.


Possibly my favorite part of this quilt is the back:  CHICKENS!  I allowed this to set the colors for the front.  As wild as the colors might appear at first, there is a plan.


As a finale, we have many versions and variations of Calico Rose to share.  As you may remember, the original quilt was based on 2″ squares and offered in three different sizes–SMALL (3×3 layout), MEDIUM (5×5 layout) and LARGE (7×7 layout).  Many readers were also interested in using 2-1/2″ squares as a foundation and have created MEDIUM (3×3) and LARGE (5×5) versions.

Following are some of the Calico Rose quilts created so far.  If I missed yours, I am sorry.  Please send along a reminder (and pictures) and I will add your creation as soon as possible.

Here we go!

Nora created this 3×3 version using 2-1/2″ squares.  She is working on a large one, too, but the borders aren’t quite finished yet.

201507 159

Judy also used 2-1/2″ squares and added an extra dimension with two different backgrounds. I like it!  She also plans a second quilt.

calico rose quilt

Jennifer chose controlled scrappy for a dramatic version that is completely finished and, I believe, already with its new owner.


Jennifer in PA (a DIFFERENT Jennifer) used 3″ squares (’cause that was what was in her stash) to create this 76″ Calico Rose–NICE!  It has been gifted to her friend Eileen, who loves purple.


Lynn tried several new ideas–she made it MEDIUM wide and LARGE long (5×7) with a different, less lacy but very effective border.  That used a lot of her scraps. Eye catching!


Lee Etta completed the center of a 5×5 and shared it with her scrap quilting club. Sounds like my kind of club. Sad that it meets in Missouri.


Patricia just didn’t get quite enough from a LARGE and added additional borders to make it king size. You go girl!


Rutigt shared her top–borders to go!


Susan is still in progress–oh, those borders!



Bonnie, too, is working on borders.  Sorry that there are SO many pieces, but it was all I could see when I looked at it. Plus, think of all those scraps you are using up.  YAY YOU!

calica quilt a long

Several others are working away, but I don’t yet have pictures.  This includes Emma, Veronica, Charlene, and, possibly, YOU.  Don’t be discouraged.  It is OK.  This isn’t a race.  Everyone who finishes is a winner.  After all, you will have a finished quilt.  And, that is a pretty good prize.

Thanks to all for your kind words, support and sharing.  This was FUN!  Let’s do it again soon.

15 thoughts on “CALICO ROSE QUILTALONG: Show And Tell (So Far)

  1. Yes, let’s do it again! Still sewing squares in twos for that border. LOL I have a quilting date in October, though. Wild new blog look!

  2. I love your quilt along quilts. I need to know where the instructions are for cutting the fabric  pieces for the stars or pieces for whatever quilt you are working on at the time.  I was wondering about yardage and sizes to cut the fabric pieces. Searched and guess I just donhave a clue where the instructions are. Brenda

  3. Every quilt is absolutely wonderful! I am sorry that I had to many other commitments to do this great scrappy quilt. I applaud each and every one of you! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. I finished my top 7 x 7 and purchased the backing. I don’t have a place to spread it our for pictures….. I love it and enjoyed doing it…

  5. WOWIE
    Every one of these is just beautiful!
    I did print out each tutorial and I will make this, I made a quilt very similar, just the 16 patch stars with sashing in between. My daughter immediately claimed it. I still have it on the assembly line to be quilted….
    I do really love the chain effect though. Very nice. I have not made a chain quilt yet.
    I have to congratulate every one that did this and shared. Well done. What a great treasure. I love all of them

  6. I have the borders on I will send another picture after I get it ironed. I loved doing this quilt a long. I would do another one if you have one. Thanks for all your help!!

  7. Nice job ladies. Makes me wish I had joined. But I am working on my 3rd super star quilt. this one I am making King size and also reversible. I will share it with you when I get it done. That’s WHEN I get it done.

  8. Hi I attached a photo to the email I received and sent it back to you…I guess that did not work . How do I send my picture? I love the wonderful work everyone has done and am very surprised at how different they all look!

  9. LOVED looking at all the wonderful pictures. I was so disappointed – I got all my big blocks done, and was happily working on cutting out the squares for the border, when I (in an oh-so-not-glamorous way) strained the ligaments in my RIGHT thumb, and have been in recovery mode ever since the beginning of July. Not only could I not work on finishing this quilt, but the quilt I totally PLANNED to finish this summer for my daughter’s first year at university is sitting waiting to be finished as well. Her top is done…maybe she can use it as a sheet……..sigh. It’ll get finished. Just not now. There. Totally done my pity-party. Thanks for letting me vent.

  10. This is Barbara, the one wanting to improve her techniques in matching up seams. Well I kind of work on a project, then circumstances change in my life & it gets set aside, to be revisited @ a later date. I did keep all emails, so I can someday complete it. What I got done were all the 16 center squares/blocks. Getting those star points on was where I stopped, I was using 2 1/2″ squares, so the measurements given for the points was for using 2″ squares, I figured it out after the 1st one not going together correctly. That’s when my life & people in my life became hectic. But I will finish it, hopefully before the weather turns cold. I want it on my bed this winter, by estimate, the goal is Nov 1st, well before the holidays. lol Will send the pictures then. Y’all have a great day, everyone’s quilts look so beautiful, makes me want to jump back on mine, but with a friend going into assisted living, another about to become a grandmother, probably today, the girl child in my home is on 2 swim teams, takes a strength class, and is also in Tai Kuan Do classes & I’m the taxi for 2 elderly ladies & the child. Busy Busy Busy. Thank God I am retired from a job.

  11. Hi, I saw a picture of calico stars and knew straight away I wanted to make one. Googled and found the quilt along, but I’m just starting as everyone is finishing (no worry, story of my life!). I’ve started building 1″ finished squares as four patches as “sew betweens” which I think you call leader-Enders in USA. Looking scrappily good, and I’m thinking pale mint green background. Thanks for the inspiration and I’ll let you know how it goes. Regards, Christine

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