21 thoughts on “Fairy Quilt: Is This Done?

  1. You could always add another multi-colored border around it again, then another white border. It wouldn’t make a huge difference, but it would be bigger.

  2. It’s not quite done, IMO. The large (36-patch?) blocks in the middle are visually a little too heavy relative to the rest. To balance it, you could put another line of square-patch borders around. Also Bobbi suggested a scrappy binding. I like that idea, sort of as punctuation.

  3. I really like it! Each of us has our own methods for deciding when it is done, so it is totally up to you. With your ending with the but…..I get the feeling that you are not satisified, so go with what will make you happy! Thanks for sharing and I hope that you share once it is decided upon and finished. Have a wonderful creative day!

  4. I like mine bigger. I saw doing a multi colored border but I would test a yellow 2 1/2 followed by a red 2 1/2 and then a blue 2 1/2. You could join together or added white strips between them. This adds 12 inches in width and length. Something to consider.

  5. I like all of these ideas the others have stated above..
    I was just thinking… if you wanted it larger, there are SO many ideas to make that happen, including creating additional small blocks as a border all the way around. Either way, this is a very nice quilt top. I pretty much have the same taste, I love my white kona and colors colors colors. Always make a happy quilt.

  6. It looks complete to me. However, if you really want it bigger, you could do the reverse of Fading Charms. Add a two-square border plus white, then a 4-square border, etc till it is as big as you like. And I like the idea of scrappy binding (or navy).

  7. Finished is in the eye of the beholder. Usually I am finished when I am tired of doing a piece. You sound like your not done yet. Add another border or 2 and I think you might be happier. Up to you. It’s a done thing when you feel it’s done.

  8. I love it but like Knitnkwilt I think you should use the border that you used on Fading Charms…I was reading all the comments and that was the one I was going to suggest and read her suggestion…it would add to the size plus balance it…very pretty quilt…very ‘girly’ looking…

  9. I think that it is perfect the way that it is, it is sweet and very pretty. I love what did did with the setting blocks! The quilt is colorful, pretty, and yet still has a dainty appeal to it. Some times I need to put a quilt aside for a little bit to let my brain unwind from it, it is easy to get lost in a quilt, and always feel like you have to do one more thing, and one more,and then just one more. Your work is beautiful. 43″ is a wonderful baby size. Do what pleases you, you always have a good eye. At any rate, it is gorgeous!

  10. I love it just as it is, and I think whatever you choose to do to enlarge it will be perfect. May I try to copy/adapt it for a baby quilt? New grandchild coming.

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