Long Silence Explained

Well, since I last wrote, there has been…

Teacher Work Week

Back to School Night

First Week of School

Second Week of School

Opening Camp

and almost no sewing…

In fact, the only fabric related fun to speak of was turning this shirt


Into this…


What is it and why did I do it?

It is really a no-sew project that turns an old T-shirt into a dog toy.

Yes, in the middle of all the back to school excitement Husband, Daughter and Young Son decided it was time for us to have a dog.  In twenty years of marriage we have not had a dog.  We have been without a pet (if you don’t count chickens) for several months as our old kitty died of causes incident to age and our young kitty is missing, presumed dead.  Things were a little lonely…

So, the three of them spent the week I was doing Teacher Work scouring local animal shelters.


Lu-Lu was the unanimous choice.

She is about a year old and a very pleasant animal.

She willingly shakes hands (for dog treats)
She willingly shakes hands (for dog treats)

She is learning tricks.

"I love grass," says Lu-Lu
“I love grass,” says Lu-Lu

And she seems very happy here.

Hopefully soon I will have some time for sewing and other things, but for now it is family, school, the garden, the harvest and the dog.

18 thoughts on “Long Silence Explained

  1. Congrats on adopting Lulu, she looks like a sweetie!

    I haven’t seen a knot like that in 30 years or so, since I did macrame. Loved making it because it looked so complicated. Never thought of making dog toys.

    Have a great school year, as a retired teacher, I still KINDA miss that excitement of a new school year.

    Sharon Ludwig =)

  2. Well, she’s attractive, too. There’s that. Did she pick them or did they pick her? I’d say you’ve had plenty to keep you busy. I hope the school year is going well, and you have students who love to do what you want them to. 😉

  3. She is very pretty. She’ll give you all a lot of love in return for a lot of love. She will be very protective for sure.

  4. Are you going to tell us how to make the dog toy or where to find the instructions? Congrats on the new member of the family.

  5. Lulu is darling! Love the dog toy too! Our Riley (black german shepherd) is nearly one too. Pets sure bring extra love into the family (and dirt, but its worth it)!

  6. Welcome Lulu….so happy for you and for her! We got
    A new puppy last November…… Abby. From what I understand there are several dog parks around. One is around 24th street. One behind Shopko in Riverdale, also one out by us in the south end of Roy.
    Its a good way to help dogs become socialized. Just a thought for “all your free time”. Lol….

  7. Thanks so much for adopting LuLu. As a fellow quilter and for the past ten years a rescuer of dogs. It means a lot to me when I hear of one more saved.

  8. Love the dog toy and I want to know how to make one for my two schnauzers. It is so super. Lulu got so lucky, and she is so pretty. Enjoy!

  9. Yeah for dogs! I too rescued a pit bull and yes they are sweet , loving and smart dogs . She is soo good with my grand kids congratulation on a beautiful dog.

  10. Congratulations on your new Pit Bull! She’s very pretty. As I hope you know, if you treat her well and raise her with consistency, firmness, and love, she will be a very loving, devoted family dog. Pits are very loyal family dogs. I hope she has been spayed? Good for you for making your own dog toy! Just watch her with it, and take it away if it begins to unravel. It will be dangerous for her to eat the long strips of T-shirt yarn as they can tangle themselves around her insides and her intestines and cause all kinds of problems, which could kill her or require expensive surgery or both! I’m a volunteer at our local Humane Society and have a lot of experience with dogs, so I just thought I’d pass that along.

  11. What a great looking dog. My family has had pit bulls and they are so sweet and loving. I also would like to know how to make the dog chew toy.
    Pat in TN.

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