The Original

Things are still very busy here, but after this quilt came back from Tara, the quilter, I HAD to make time to get the binding on.  After all, it is the ORIGINAL Calico Rose!


After making so many baby quilts this year it was different to stitch binding on a big quilt.  It is easy to forget how long it takes.

But, this afternoon, between school work and bottling salsa, I got in the last few stitches.


This quilt must just not like to be photographed because these pictures aren’t great either just like the pictures of the flimsy.  But, the quilt is done.

It will most likely go to live in a guest bedroom at my parents’ house.  The walls are a light blue and I think this will fit right in.


Thank you all for being patient with pictures, e-mails, questions and all.  Hopefully I will get caught up with that sort of thing next week.  This week I am glad just to have had enough time to get this finished.

16 thoughts on “The Original

  1. It looks like a sort of bubble and swirl quilting, and that is a nice contrast with the angles of the blocks. Lovely and done! I still haven’t finished my borders. It got put on the back burner because I can’t afford the quilting right now anyway.

  2. Beautiful! I love mine too so I’m thinking about making another smaller one. I have lots of 2″ blocks already cut. Thank you so much for leading us & sharing your wonderful pattern with us all,

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this wonderful pattern. I have made 5 quilt tops (throw size), now to get them quilted. They are for my 5 granddaughters for this Christmas. I love the binding part, I enjoy hand sewing the last bit of love to a quilt.

  4. Beautiful and congrats on finishing. I finished my top and uploaded the picture. I need to choose a top, then I can quilt it. Thanks for all you do and share with us.

  5. Oh I have had this open in my browser for a few days now. I love the way this turned out. So colorful and happy.
    Well done and thank you again for the tutorial

  6. I love it!!! all the parts of mine are done—it’s just getting them put together…I finished up a few things for my family and have 3 of them at the quilter right now so I can try to get to the other things which I want to finish and this is one of them..i love the colors and in a blue bedroom would be beautiful!!!

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