Thank You Times Two

Thank you to Mary Estelle for the wonderful box of scraps and orphan blocks she sent.  Using them and a few friends from my stash,  I was able to create two new baby tops.



The good news is that Sparkle Jane and I are moving along on the 52 in 2015 project.  The bad news is that we have basically run out of batting.  So, we are focusing on piecing until a really good sale happens.  We have batting for three more quilts cut and ready, so we’ll get that many done soon.  Then the rest can, well,  “rest” until more batting comes along.

I do have tutorials in the works for these, but it might be a while before they are ready.  In the meantime, thank you again Mary Estelle for such fun patterns and colors to play with.

10 thoughts on “Thank You Times Two

  1. Very pretty, you are so clever doing these out of scraps, well done! Look forward to the tuturial as I have lots too and need to get rid of them! I make hospice quilts and Old Age Concern ones, all very much appreciated!

  2. Does your state guild offer grants? Our Guild Pine Tree Maine offer grants for up to 300 to a group or person to buy batting and backings for donation quilts.

    In a random thought, how is your weather it is 38 in Maine and I am awaiting sunrise to see how the garden fared.

  3. Love the stars with the bars! Can’t wait for the pattern. Still plugging along on Calico Rose. If you have friends that are longarmers, they might give you cut off batting pieces that you can zigzag together. Also, I have friends that have a long arm business and I can order batting when they place a wholesale order and it is half price. Joann’s has lots of half price coupons that I use also.

  4. Deanna, you and Sparkle Jane are very very good. Well done
    I always wait for a sale too. I hope you get a boadload of a good deal when you find proper batting. You two deserve it.
    Both of you are very inspiring

  5. I love your creativity! I have been waiting on three quilts also, because of batting. Joanns had a 50 % off coupon, so two are now taken care of. Things always seem to come in at the right moment; but sometimes it is hard waiting; not always my strong point 😀 ! As usual your work is creative; and beautiful!

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